Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hi from San Fransisco!

Friends, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sorry I've been MIA, it's been a crazy few days of working, relaxing when possible and then traveling to San Fran to visit my sweet guy! I got in early early yesterday morning so I spent part of yesterday in the city then regaining my bearings.
I'll be sharing my adventures from this week on the blog!

Happy Tuesday!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nightly Routine

I personally love knowing what my lady friends night routine is.. I'm curious as to what products they use, how they maintain clear skin, etc.. I've shared before my skin regimen but it has changed a bit.

The first thing I do at night is throw my hair up. Honestly there is nothing quite like putting your hair up after an extremely long day. My favorite ponytail holders are the non elastic ones. I sleep with one in my hair and it prevents my hair from being a total mess in the morning AND there is no crease. They are not expensive at all and come in all different patterns, glitters, and more. They are wonderful stocking stuffers!

Next I brush my teeth, I'm in love with my Sonicare tooth brush! Truthfully, I'm bad about flossing so this tooth brush helps get in the areas where it's hard to reach with my permanent retainers. (Am I the only one who forgets to floss? lol whoops! Don't judge.)

Every night I rinse off in the shower, I know I've shared this before but I'm kinda OCD about having a freshly clean body before getting in bed. The new face wash and body wash (I've used summer's eve for awhile) I use are pictured below! I am loving both of these! The face wash is a little more on the pricey side but all you need is a dime size. I was told it should last me around a year! It's a chemical peel face wash that cleans and exfoliates without the harmful scrub features.

After my shower, I put four drops of tea tree oil all over my face. This stuff clears my face up like nothing else. I don't need moisturizer with the oil, it's a perfect substitute! I've also heard coconut oil works wonders. Give either of those a go!

Weekly I use my lip scrub. This helps exfoliate my lips of any dead skin and helps my lip color lay perfectly without any creases. The brand is Laura Geller and you can get yours here.

After this, I throw my PJs on and lather some lotion on my hands and feet and hop in bed! I like to watch Gilmore Girls before I fall asleep, it's my therapeutic, light hearted show.
It's nothing fancy but a typical routine for me!


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

FIVE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! I made it through my first few days at home. To say the least it took some recovering, anyone else feeling that way? I'm loving being home but it's been an exhausting week. I'm excited for Christmas and all it has to offer!
That being said-- let me share my weekend with you all!

Friday I worked a lot of the day and scored the clothes jackpot. LOVE me some Cabi!! Can I just say I love my job? Not only are the clothes wonderful but the ladies I work with are even better. I'm so grateful for people that care about me, make me laugh, smile, and cry tears of joy. They are the best kind of friends and coworkers I could ask for.

Here's the goodies I scored!

Saturday I worked some more and then that night was my first Christmas party of the season in our neighborhood! My mom, dad, Sarah and I got all dressed up for this fun catered event. I will say it was the highlight of my Saturday and such a fun night out. Not to mention there was live music. It was wonderful! Who doesn't love Christmas parties?!!

Sunday was an early wakeup after a late night for a hockey game, but I can't complain. I love nothing more than to watch my brothers' play. It's such a treat and blessing to support them. I'm grateful it's a sport I actually enjoy so that doesn't make it harder. ;)
Then we went to church, which makes me happy because it's so good to be back and seeing everyone! After church was a much needed nail date with Sarah! Both her and I love to treat ourselves and have beautiful nails around the holidays. Plus, it's great girl time! Oh and a lovely friend of ours, Anna Grace joined as well. Here's our final product!

We came home and I babysat around 5 and was finished around 8 and then we made a spontaneous Michael's run for wrapping goodies! We decided to wrap gifts and watch The Holiday. Definitely so festive and so fun! I can't get enough honestly.

Here's to another week friends (a short week as a matter of fact)! Love to each and happy Monday!!

P.S. Sorry it's another weekend recap BUT it's been a week of recovery so I apologize for being MIA. I'm back now :)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weekend recap!

So I'm now home from school for the next month and it's never felt so good! I wanted to share my weekend with you all and what I did. It was filled with studying, Gilmore girls, little treats to keep me going, and crafts! So although I wasn't looking forward to the weekend going into Friday I made the absolute best of it and now I'm feeling ready to kick my finals in the booty and say ADIOS to the Fall '15 semester.

I got some wonderful study tips from a dear friend when I called her after hitting my finals wall on Thursday and had a slight freak out (yes, I have those even though I'm not proud of them). I shook it off though and it made me kick into gear for the weekend. She told me to find the best in every studying situation and find joy in SOMETHING. Emily told me it would keep me going and honestly it was the best advice she could have given me. So as you go into finals week find JOY!!

My joyful "find" for the weekend was a sweet batch of cookies that a girl at our university makes. They are absolutely amazing. I got myself a cookie for each day as a reward for studying, finishing the test, and continuing to press through. Not to mention they are Christmas themed. :)

How could you not just be happy when you take a bite of one of these??

Friday afternoon I made an Ulta run because that makes me happy and got myself a new face wash as well as foundation because it turns out St. Ives is about to be banned by the FDA for how much it hurts your face so stop using that if you have it. lol No worries if you do, I would just make a run to Target and find something else.

This is the new foundation I got. It smells like cocoa and is very light. I'm loving it. 

Friday night was my church Christmas party and that was a blast and such a nice break from a day of studying. Sweet fellowship, games, food, and fun!!

Saturday I slept in a bit and then got ready and headed to the library. I did my hair in this stylish little up do to keep my hair out of my fair while I worked and I must say I was pretty impressed with my skills.

Saturday night I spent the evening with my sweet friend, Peyton! We ate Double Dave's Pizza Rolls, made a Walmart run, and watched Mona Lisa Smile. It's on Netflix and it's wonderful.. if you're needing a Christmas break movie, add that to the list!

Sunday was church which is always wonderful, afternoon lunch with my sweet grandparents, more time at the library, then a therapeutic wreath making session.

I've decided I'm going to start selling wreaths, all the details are on my Instagram. Follow me @abialbers for the inside scoop.

Cheers to wrapping up the semester! Keep pressing on, friends! The Holidays are so close!!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
Happy Birthday to the person who has a heart of gold and a laugh that lights up the whole room.
Happy Birthday to the guy at South Point youth group that I thought was hot in 2011 and started dating a year later.
Happy Birthday to the 16 year old guy I fell for four years ago and now I'm madly in love with.
Happy Birthday to my high school sweetheart.
Happy Birthday to the person who has loved me through all of my issues and flaws.
Happy Birthday to the person with some of the hardest work ethic I know.
Happy Birthday to the person I call my best friend.
Happy Birthday to the person who was my first "I love you."
Happy Birthday to the guy who continues to amaze me everyday as he preserves through whatever life throughs at him and looks at life in such a positive way.
Happy Birthday to the guy who never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Happy Birthday to the person I couldn't imagine life without.

I love you Zach Nowlin. Cheers to being in your 20's. I can't wait to experience them together! See you in a few weeks!!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favs

Happy Friday, friends! We made it through another week and I'm so excited this one is coming to a close. Only 4 days left of school. I. Can.Do. It.

Anyway, I wanted to start another blog schedule with my Friday posts. Every Friday I'll be sharing a my favorite quote of the week, favorite makeup brush, foundation, blush, etc.., favorite hair product or design, and favorite jewelry piece or accessory of the week. With this in mind you'll have a whole slew of things to look through and hopefully inspire you as you kick off the weekend!

So lets start off with the quote. Thank you Pinterest for this one. For all those experiencing the full load of finals, this is for you. Be encouraged.

Next I'm sharing one of my absolute favorite makeup brushes. This is from Maskcara Cosmetics, it's their HAC brush it's perfect for a quick contour and fabulous quality. I am loving not only this brush but their products as well. 
Next is my favorite hair product of the week. One of my newest hair product finds is Living Proof. If you haven't heard of them you definitely need to check out their website. The science behind their products is amazing and I'm slowly but surely converting myself. I'll be doing a post soon showing off my hair and talking specifically about the products I've been using so stay tuned.
But anyway, back to why I love this particular one. It's amazing for dry hair, it's a Perfector Night Cap for your hair; it's pillow safe, smells amazing, and you rinse it out in the morning. It moisturizes my hair beautifully and is a nice refresh when my hair needs a pick me up. I can't say enough great things about it. ;)

And last but certainly not least I'm sharing Bracha jewelry with y'all. So the beautiful stones and design is enough to love the company, but what I love even more is the meaning behind the jewelry. It was started by two sisters who wanted to stop human trafficking and sex slavery movement going on all throughout the world. The meaning behind the name Bracha "[Bra.ka]" means blessing. The sisters have FREEDOM in mind with every single handcrafted piece and hope to bless each person that purchases from the company. I've been inspired by these sisters and their boldness to fight in order to end the Slavery Movement through such unique special pieces of jewelry. 

Bracha is giving a gift to all my readers, with the code BLOOM15 you can receive 15% off your purchase now through Saturday at midnight CST. These are awesome gifts so don't miss out!! Maybe treat yourself if you just can't help it. ;) 

I hope you all loved my Friday favs as much as I do! Blessings to all this weekend!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Day in the Life

6:00 am-- Alarm goes off to post blog content
6:01 am-- I crawl back in bed and go back to sleep till I have to wake up 
7:30 am-- On this particular day I didn't have to wake up till a little later so I enjoyed every minute of those zzz's.
7:35 am-- Check the social media feeds and read any blog posts from some of my favorites. 
7:43 am-- Get out of bed, put my slippers on and make myself some spark.
7:45 am-- With my spark in hand, I can accomplish just about anything.. thank you Advocare!

7:50 am-- Make my bed.
7:51 am-- Grab my Bible, journal and Jesus calling book (if you're looking for a devotional you need this one) and sit on me bed for some one on one time with the Big J. This is one of my most favorite times in the day. It allows me to just take a deep breath and prepare my heart for whatever the day holds and know the Lord has me regardless of the circumstances.

8:20-8:30 am-- Check the weather before picking out my outfit. High of 73 on December 9th....say it ain't so...

8:35 am-- Pick my outfit for the day, which truly can be a struggle I tell ya.

8:40 am-- (if it takes me that long) Hop in the shower for a quick rinse off. Yes it's weird but I rinse my body twice daily. It's a weird quirk I have. Don't ask.. lol I like to be clean.
8:45-9:15 am-- Out of the shower, hair done, makeup on, clothes on, ready to go..
(side note) music usually plays while I get ready.. so today's song was by Kari Jobe.. You'll be encouraged, I promise.

9:20 am-- Make myself some breakfast. (Don't judge, it's finals week so my food is quick, easy, and fast.) I had a gluten free corn dog with a rice cake and peanut butter. Like I said, don't judge. lol
9:35 am-- Lunch packed, coffee made (only during big exam weeks do I have spark and coffee back to back), books packed, ready to tackle the day. 
10:05 am-- I am walking to the library to study before class.
11:30 am-- Test time.
(I'm pretty sure I passed with flying colors, 1 down, 2 to go!)
12:00 pm-- Study time.... 

2:00 pm-- Brain is fried. Time for food. 

What's a good break without a fortune cookie foretelling my shopping experience and Gilmore Girls? 
2:30 pm-- more studying....Lord help me. 
4:30pm-- Geology test review (yes it's as horrible as it sounds) 
5:00pm-- Start my trek back to the parking garage. 
5:15pm-- Beautiful sunset on the way home. 

5:30 pm-- Relax, drink Sonic, paint my nails, and watch Gilmore Girls. 

7:00 pm-- Church!

10:30 pm-- I'm home and so ready to call it a night. Peace out friends!!!

I apologize for my day being on the boring side. The more "Day in the Life" posts I hope to make a bit more exciting. I mean come on.... anything with out finals is already more exciting! Can I get an amen??! LOL

Happy Thursday, friends!

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