Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Weekiversary!

Hard to believe a week ago today one of my dearest life long friends married the man of her dreams! Happy Weekiversary Matt and Jocey. ;) Can you two believe you got married last weekend???

It is honestly surreal to see your friends get married, I still feel like we are playing house in each other's bedrooms, giving each other massages before falling asleep and chatting till late hours of the night during sleepovers. No matter how far apart Jocey and I are, reconnecting and chatting for hours has never been an issue. Life is way too fast! Even though I'm still very young, as every year passes and another birthday comes it seems to go faster and faster.

 I am over the moon excited for Jocey and Matt! They are an amazing couple that honors Christ in all they do. What an incredible example they are to so many. As their next journey and new phase of life begins I wish them nothing but happiness. I love you both dearly and hope your summer in New Jersey is awesome!

Here's to new beginnings and LOVE!

Happy Sunday y'all!


We all wish this new Mrs. nothing but the BEST!!

You are so dear, Jocelyn Ruth!

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