Friday, June 19, 2015

14 Day Cleanse!

Happy Friday y'all!
My Thursday was a bit crazy with work so here I am... as of yesterday I decided I'll be doing a 14 day cleanse. No special drinks or vitamins just cutting out all the junk. My two week cleanse will consist of fruits, veggies, meat, and choice dairy products. No sweets or carbs! I've been adding some gluten here and there to my diet (because we can all agree no gluten just plain STINKS!!!). To say the least I haven't felt all that with this two week detox I'm hoping to feel superb! On top of the clean eating I plan to be exercising consistently. This is nothing too exciting but I challenge you to do it with me for the next two weeks! Below is a nice little chart to help you swap out ingredients to make your eating habits clean. You'll finish right before the 4th of July! How perfect is that?? ;) Pretty perfect if I do say so myself! Have a fabulous Friday, friends!


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