Monday, June 22, 2015

Friday Night Style

Happy Monday everyone and Happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there!

I wanted to share some fashion fun and maybe inspire you all to check out a clothing line that I adore. My current job is in the retail sector for those that don't know, I do work at the Cabi outlet near my house. For those who don't know what Cabi (Carol Anderson by invitation) is, it's an independent consultant company that sells a clothing line for women of all ages. I absolutely love it!  Visit their website to find a consultant, host a party, or join the Cabi team! To see if there is an outlet near you, click here. The outlet is all the overstock that the consultants don't sell. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles and the outlet is a year behind what the consultants are selling but everything comes into the store 30% off then there is a store promotion! It's the bomb diggity.   I absolutely love my job and I have the horrible chore of wearing the Cabi line! Check out my outfit from Friday! I love the lace top with the ripped casual jean and a little kitten heel. It adds the perfect sassy touch! Just add a red lip to dress it up for date night with a cute clutch. What's your go-to Friday night outfit?

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