Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rainy Day Outfit!

Happy Tuesday!
Here in Texas tropical storm Bill is headed my way so I figured it would be a perfect time to share my idea of the perfect rainy day outfit for the summer! This entire outfit is Cabi BUT they are simple basic pieces you can purchase anywhere inside your budget! The beauty of simple basic outfits..

1. This jacket like I said, is from Cabi. It's the Fairway Jacket. It's light and has an athletic type material to it making it super comfortable for the summer heat while being an easy throw over if it's raining like crazy wherever you are.

2. Next is a basic tee. Specifically, this is the Marble Tee from Cabi. I personally love this shirt because it's comfortable and you can dress it up or down! It's shape is the reason for that, yes it's a t-shirt but it has a blouse shape to it making it very versatile.

3. You can never go wrong with yoga pants/capris! Cabi's tech wear is amazing but any cropped legging is perfect. They are comfortable and nice for the rain. I personally don't like to wear shorts or jeans when it's raining so the comfortable capri is a nice in-between.

4. Hunter rain boots...classics as most will say. I added these boots for a pop of color but obviously when it's raining ANY rain boot will do.

I also love this outfit for a summer week day or if you're going to a sporting event. It's casual yet cute...just add some converse or flip flops of your choice!

Stay dry!!


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