Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Reading!

It's Monday y'all! The first true day of summer for many. AHH! Freedom at last. That being said, does anyone have a summer reading list? In another world I would... I wish I enjoyed reading, but this morning, little did I know...
I am not a reader but God sure does have a sense of humor.. I go into my mom's office this morning to say good morning and see what she's up to. She has a book on her desk titled "The Sacred Search" by Gary Thomas. The cover caught my eye. I asked my mom about it and started reading. It's now 2:30 and I've read about four and a half chapters. The book is amazing! I recommend it to anyone that is dating or looking to get married one day. The book has so much truth in it and is very encouraging. I love God's way of sending encouragement to us. My favorite excerpt from the book so far is,

"When husband and wife are committed in Christ, growing together in the Lord, supporting each other in their spiritual walks, raising children in the fear of the Lord, loving each other out of reverence for God, joy abounds and miracles happen. Selfish people become servants. Self-centered children grow up to become works in God's kingdom. Strangers become intimate friends. Daily life is filled with the drama of kingdom building. There are plenty of mistakes, lots of repenting, times of frustration, sickness, and even doubts. But in the end, God's presence prevails, people are transformed, kingdom work is accomplished, and trials are overcome."

You don't want to miss this...
Get your copy for under $14 on Amazon: The Sacred Search

Happy Reading! 

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