Monday, July 13, 2015

Lets be real.

Morning, friends! Happy Monday! I wanted to take the opportunity to share my heart with you this morning. As I've briefly shared, my first year in Texas definitely hasn't been all kicks and giggles. This state has given me a run for my money and the Lord has stretched and grown me immensely and he still continues to do so. From the looks of Instagram and Facebook, my life would appear to some as "picture perfect." Little do you know, that this year I've been battling spiritual oppression, depression, and horrible anxiety, paralyzing anxiety for that matter. I share my heart with you this morning with hopes of relating to many of you and reminding you that it's OK to struggle. You aren't any less of a person nor are you weak. Life isn't a walk in the park. Life is hard. It doesn't mean there aren't moments worth rejoicing over and seasons of PURE JOY, but life isn't always going to be easy. There is death, tragedy, accidents, grief and much more. Aside from those we also have our own demons to conquer and deal with our own wounds and hurt. Life is filled with blood, sweat and tears. But each hard season makes the joyful ones that much better. I'm going to be honest, I leave for A & M in a little over a month and I'm terrified. I'm terrified to leave the security blanket of my family and start life on my own (on my own, generally speaking). Fear has a habit of paralyzing me. Fear places a road block on the plan that the Lord has for me. Instead of being transformed by the life waiting for me at A & M, fear stops me in my tracks and takes all the joy away. You can't let fear win like it has for me in certain circumstances. It prohibits you from accomplishing the destiny set before you. Embrace today, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have troubles of it's own. Whether you are battling anxiety, fear, worry, confusion, sadness, discouragement, or self worth. Know that the day before you has many opportunities for you to grow. Take whatever your struggle may be by the neck and conquer it. You can't do it alone, so don't try. Surround yourself with friends and family who understand and you can trust. Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Do not be discouraged, dear friend. You are more than a conquerer. When you are weak the LORD is strong. He has come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. Find healing and peace in that today.
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