Friday, August 28, 2015

Refreshing Curls Do

Where has the week gone?? Honestly time has gone by so fast! I can't believe I start school Monday.. yikes!
With that being said I wanted to share a quick and easy hairdo with second day curls. The wave in my hair was leftover from my #freshinfifteen post and I wasn't ready to put my hair up quite yet so I put a  few more curls in it to make it "fresh" again and decided to add a dutch braid.

Now for those wondering, dutch braids are really simple. All you do is braid under. So divide your hair into 3 sections. Take the strand closest to the front of your head and take it under the middle strand. Then do the same with the strand towards the back of your head. Do this once then begin grabbing hair from the rest of your head to make the braid bigger. It creates a nice simple look that looks like you put tons of time into your hair and it only took you a few minutes!

Beach waves creates a put together yet causal look

Happy Friday, friends! It's my last weekend of summer. Cheers!

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