Friday, August 14, 2015

Scandal--A Netflix MUST!

Friends, it's been so long and I apologize! The past week has been hectic and I've truthfully been exhausted. I've felt a little writers block, ridiculous, I know..

Anyway, with the wrap up of my guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl.. I had to find myself a new Netflix series that would be a nice relaxer yet amazing entertainer before bed. I usually get in bed and watch an episode, two if it's been a bad day. ;) My friend had recommended the amazing show of Scandal and I had attempted to watch an episode awhile back and it didn't go well. I figured I'd give it one more shot and I'm so glad I did....this political drama is a MUST!! I'm six episodes in and I am a hooked! It captures your attention for sure. This drama is about a team of six lawyers who run a crisis management firm. The main character Olivia Pope used to be the President's secretary but left to start her own firm that she now runs with five other elite lawyers. She is determined to maintain each client's reputable image no matter what their crisis is, she is realizing though, her past is hard to leave behind. This drama will journey through her life as a business woman fighting to keep her personal life separate from her corporate one. Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) does a spectacular job. I promise, you won't want to miss this show! Thriller, drama, romance all in one! PERFECTION!

Happy Friday, gal pals!

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