Monday, September 14, 2015

BTHO Ball State!

For many of you I'm sure the Aggie lingo is not familiar to you. So today I'm going to familiarize that with you a bit and tell you about my weekend at the Fighting' Texas Aggie Football game. WHOOP!

First off, BTHO means Beat the Hell Out Of *insert whichever team we are playing that week*
This past week it was Ball State and we sure did give them a good ole punch to the back. ;) The final score was 23-56!

My family came in from McKinney which I was over the moon excited about. It was my first Football game as a current Aggie so it was awesome to have them there and experience everything with them as an actual student.

Friday night was Midnight yell which is the night before home games, all the students gather together in Kyle Field and practice our yells for the game the next day. This is a timeless Aggie tradition that truly never gets old.

Saturday we woke up, dressed in all things Aggie and headed out to a tailgate with our friends the Hamilton's. Good food, good friends, good football. Life can't get much better than that. ;) The afternoon sped by and before I knew it, I was in my 2nd deck 1st row (MY SEATS WERE SICK) seat looking out in awe over Kyle Field and the awesomeness that was just about to unfold before my eyes. Spectacular is an understatement! OOO baby it was the coolest! The game kicked off with the sun beating down on the student side.
*side note* Aggie students stand the entire football game. We stand for our incredible band and then get to sit for 10 minutes during halftime. To say your feet hurt doesn't even come close. LOL
Once the sun finally went down the temp was in the 70's and it felt so so good!
The weekend was spectacular and one-of-a-kind and the first of many!

Just so you know, Aggie tradition is the BEST tradition! Anyone have any game day memories from the weekend?
Happy Monday, Gig'Em, and BTHO Nevada!!

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