Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Embracing Casual

Casual Look 1 of many.
Shirt | Pink
Hat | Aggieland Outfitters (rep the school or favorite hat of your choice)
Shoes | Amazon
Leggings | Cabi 
Shirt | Target
Shoes | Old Navy
Shorts | Old Navy 

The struggle is real I tell ya...I thought it was hot in McKinney till I got here. Little did I know what I was in for. All the cute clothes that I have are collecting dust in my closet because the heat is just ridiculous, or humidity I should say. As a Cabi girl I vowed I wouldn't wear t-shirts, nike shorts, and tennis shoes but I hate to say it, I've succumbed. I have absolutely nothing against any of those pieces, they just aren't my style. Well I guess now they are. ;) My hair is up most days and I'll even add a hat if it's just one of THOSE hair days. Curling my hair, that's a joke. The humidity flattens it within seconds (the curls in my second pic maybe lasted an hour). What products does everyone use to help with humidity and holding curl?
 The bugs here are ginormous. The heat and moisture causes skin breakouts and itchiness. The list can go on. Hence--embracing the casual. I love it now more than ever.  I have no choice or I'll die of "melting by the sun." *pathetic girl cry*

I'm hoping with the arrival of fall I'll be able to layer in style and embrace as many jeans, leggings and boots as possible! Is everyone as ready as I am??
For those that are already in colder climates aka my East Coast peeps (and that's anything lower than 80 with humidity) wear some adorable fall pieces for me and share it with the hashtag #embracingfall! Anyone still in my situation...we can all embrace causal together with the hashtag #embracethecasual.

We're halfway through the week!

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