Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Facial Favorites

St. Ives | Target
Tea Tree Oil | Local Health Food Store
Makeup Remover Towelettes | Target
Toner | Mary Kay
Eucerin | Target
Neutrogena | HEB (it's not at target) 

It's Wednesday, whoop! Halfway through the week! Thank you all who responded to my survey yesterday! I so appreciate the feedback!
As I shared with you previously the humidity here is a HUGE struggle. Like I mean huge. My face freaked out like it always does with the start of school, add humidity (which I'm not used to) and Ladies and Gentleman you have a crater fest on your face! Not ideal when you're trying to meet people. Not ideal at all.

Anyway, I asked many a friends what they do to keep their skin in tip top shape. After many questions and trying many different things I finally have a system that works. I've been doing it for about a week and my skin is under control. PTL!

So let's start with what I use in the morning--

This redness soothing face wash is great. I use it in the shower every morning and let it sit on my face while I wash my hair or body. It definitely helps with red reducing and because it's a creamy wash it isn't too hard on your skin in the morning. If my acne is pretty bad I'll take a cotton ball and use the Mary Kay toner to kill those suckers.
The moisturizer is what I've been using for ages because I'm allergic to sunscreen and this is the only moisturizer I've ever applied to my skin that hasn't burned. I have very fair skin so protecting it is crucial. I will probably try some new products once I run out of this bottle. I have nothing bad to say about it, it's just not top on my list, I only use it because I have to. If you have sensitive skin like myself, I do recommend it.

Now for the night time--

Getting all your makeup off at night is crucial to clean, healthy skin. I absolutely love the Target brand of the makeup removing wipes. They remove most of my makeup very easily and are definitely budget friendly. I use the St. Ives in the shower only because it leaves the exfoliating beads on my skin and the shower is the only way I can get them all off. LOL. I like this because it's a natural scrub that gets any dead skin off as well as the left over makeup residue. Depending on the situation of my face I will take a cotton ball and wipe my face with toner to kill the bacteria again. (I don't recommend doing this twice a day if your skin isn't in dire need. It will definitely dry you out.)  Then I proceed to spot treat with the Tea Tree oil if they are ultra bad! I haven't been using a nightly moisturizer because it is so humid here. It clogs my pores and does not do them justice. If you are in a dryer state or area then definitely use one. I just have no need to do that right now due to my drastic climate change.

I hope this is helpful to each of you. If your acne struggle is real be encouraged, sister, you aren't the only one. ;)

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