Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Not JUST a Birthday.

Today is September 18th, eight years ago today my sweet brother Benjamin Jeremiah was born. A sweet miracle he was as he entered at only 7lbs 11oz (the smallest of all the Albers). You see, Benjamin was more than just another brother, he was the Albers miracle baby.

Just about 17 months prior to his birth my family experienced one of the greatest losses. My mom was 35 weeks pregnant when we found out our little brother due in June had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, loosing all oxygen, Jesus had taken him home to Heaven. Jeremiah Levi Albers, my sweet brother with a precious little nose, tiny fingers, hair, and little ears was never able to take a breath on this sweet Earth.

My few sweet minutes with my little brother.
May 2, 2006
My family was completely shaken. I was only 10 at the time but could tell you the day and it's events as if it were yesterday. You hear tragic stories of still births often but you never think it will be YOUR family. We mourned, we grieved, we cried, we wept, we questioned God, we wondered how a sweet innocent baby could be taken so fast....but God knew. He knew Benjamin (aka BB) would come only 17 months later on September 18, 2007 and be one of the greatest joys our family has ever had.

Our bundle of joy!
Many know that story and others don't. But I share it with you to remind everyone how special a birthday can be for some. Yes BB is getting bigger and it's crazy to think that the little baby I mothered (or liked to think I mothered at 11) is now a big kid. (And yes many asked if he was my kid at times, SCARY. I KNOW.) Only 2 years away from double digits. His life is a reminder that God is good through all of the tragedies, heartbreaks, but also the joyful moments, the victories, and the celebrations.

Thank you Lord, for sweet Benjamin and his life of eight years and tons more to come! Lord, thank you for Jeremiah. His name means "May Jehovah Exalt." May the short life he lived bring YOU all the glory.

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