Monday, September 7, 2015

Styling the Lob 101

Styling your long bob can be a struggle. Some struggle with whether short hair is less work and in my opinion it totally is. I had long hair that was very thick so having this short hair is honestly the best thing ever. I absolutely love it. Who's with me?

For styling your hair all you need is three simple things:
Hair Spray
Clip (to separate your hair)

I washed my hair the night before and put in TREsemme keratin smooth to keep the frizz down and smooth.

I divide my hair in three sections. I grab about an inch thick piece and use my Bed Head wand.

Rather then curling my hair outward for every piece, I alternate curl directions so that my hair isn't one big curl. 

Following curling it, I spray the layer but don't tousle it till the end. 

I repeat these steps for the second section.

The last section I curl my hair all outward so that it is going away from my face. That's totally a preference, you can do which ever you choose. 

My final steps to complete "the look."


I hope this is helpful to those of you rocking the Lob or just trying to perfect your curling technique.

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