Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Perfect Night of Sleep

Some of you may not believe the title of this post is even possible. With life pulling at you in all different directions it's hard to quiet your mind and retreat to just 6 or 7 hours of mindful rest.

I have a solution that is completely natural and I'm swearing by it, that's for sure.. are you ready?? Lavender oil. That's it. Simply, lavender oil. Not only am I just swearing by it but I have proof. I've been using a sleep app called Sleep Cycle , since before I moved to Texas, so for over a year. I place it under my pillow every night and it tracks my sleep. It shows when I was in deep sleep and light sleep. Then based on how restless or peaceful I was it gives a percentage for the night. I can absolutely tell when I've had a night of 40% compared to 90%. Now I can tell a difference just with lavender oil in general. I have a comparison between my sleep cycles about a month apart, the left side is without lavender oil the other is with. The oil is worth every penny. So take a look at these comparisons and if I haven't convinced you after looking, you're crazy. ;)

Notice the hours of sleep are different by 8 minutes. 
This chart they are a bit different in hours, but on the left side I was very restless based on how the graph reads.
Also, 2 hours extra of sleep increased by percentage by more than 50%, that's crazy!  

Seriously, spend a few dollars and change the way you feel because your sleep is so amazing! Get your oil here.

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