Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Nail Favs

Oh, friends..I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that it's Thursday. I get to go home for the weekend after my test and I am so excited. SO excited. I need a breather just for a few days.. life has been non stop. Anyone else with me?

On a lighter note, i'm sharing my fall nail polish favs with you all today. For those that know me, nail polish is a must and I'm practically naked without it. ;)

Lets talk browns first..

1) I love this color, it's crisp and just screams FALL. Not everyone loves browns but they are chic and go with everything.. The name of this color is Espresso by Essie.

2) This one is perfect for October and's Halloween and Thanksgiving mixed into one. I've never been one to wear orange on my hands but I really love this one. It's deeper and a more burnt orange. This one is Spinning Again by Essie.

3) You can never go wrong with nude...can I get an amen?? There isn't much to say about this color other than everyone needs a nude. It's an absolute must.. it's timeless and lovely. Enough said. This color is Did you 'ear about Van Gogh? by OPI.

4) I am beginning to love greys with purple in's brighter than a dull grey and adds a little pop to it. I have a color on right now almost exactly the same as this one and I think it's my fall fav for the season. This color is Hawaii Ya? by OPI.

5) Last but certainly not least is the beautiful navy blue. Another MUST HAVE. I have never been a blue person but this color is a darker color for the colder times of the month. It screams fall and winter honestly, but I love it. This color is No More Film by Essie.

What are some of your fall nail favs??

The week is almost over, hang in there ladies!!

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