Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Important Letter

Oh school...Oh schedule... Oh college..
Why must you consume so much of my time? Why do you prohibit me from working on my blog? The hours of time you require drains me completely and leaves me with nothing left to say, if that's even possible for my gabbing jaw. By the time I have time to even think of you sweet blog, it's dark and we all know what happens when it gets dark, Abi slowly declines and before she knows it, she's in bed with 1% brain power.
I haven't forgot about you dear Blog of mine. I promise. You've been a dream of mine for years and I promise school won't defeat you. Life has just been crazy. I wonder how (mom, business women, professionals) bloggers do it with full time jobs, full time kids, AND blogging. I at times feel inadequate and incapable of succeeding in this arena but then I remind myself....this stressful semester is only a season and it too shall pass.
Dearest Blog, very soon you'll be full of style tips, hair tutorials, and makeup demos again. Thanks for being patient and waiting as I attempt to multi task and fail EPICALLY. Know you are loved sweet Blog.

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