Friday, November 20, 2015

Gifts for Under $55!

It's Friday, friends! For some of you this is the start of Thanksgiving break, for others (cough, cough) you (me) have a couple days till the break but you're a couple steps closer!

As the holiday season approaches and 2015 comes to a close (I can't believe that, honestly!) I wanted to share some ideas of great gifts for friends and family. I always have a hard time deciding what to get so I'm sharing a practical yet exciting gift post to launch you into the weekend!

One: I absolutely LOVE my Erin Condren planner. It's been the best thing! This gift is perfect because normally they don't want to spend $50 on a planner but it lasts a year and a half and is perfect for your Type A personality friends who love organization or for those that need organization in their life. ;) Just be sure to tell the disorganized friends that you got it for them because it's adorable and absolutely lovable, not because they are disorganized. lol

Two: Who doesn't love Kate Spade??? This card holder is perfect for those that just need a little something to hold the essentials. I love mine and use it all the time when I'll be somewhere and can't carry a purse. When I want to use my bigger wallet I just stick it in so that when I need it, I can literally grab it and run. Not only is it adorable BUT it's durable. Mine survived falling off the top of my card and laying on the side of the road for a few hours till I found it. All but one of my cards were fine, one just had a minor crack!! Best. Purchase. Ever! 

Three: (I apologize this number is a little hard to see) This Naked basic palette is amazing! I love mine, it has perfect simple colors for a daytime look but can be made into a smokey eye for a night out! Not to mention it's perfect travel size. Besides, who doesn't love a good eyeshadow combo?? I have TONS of mine left and I've had it for almost a year. I see it lasting me over 2 years!! So worth it!  

Four: This needs no link because I made this set of coasters at a paint and pottery place! If you are wanting to knock some gifts out, make some coaster sets at your local paint shop. This set only cost me $12 to make! You can monogram them and make the set super fun. I say WINNING!!

FiveKendra Scott the perfect gift for any time of year! As much as I love the fun big earrings, these studs are perfect for a quick throw on and dressing an outfit up. Mine were a gift and I absolutely love them. Not to mention, you have so many colors to choose from!!

Six: I save the best for last! If you haven't smelled Thierry Mugler's Alien perfume, you are missing out. This scent is subtle, sexy, and just all around lovely all at the same time! Run to your local Ulta to get a smell of it before you purchase if you are apprehensive, but you shouldn't be because seriously this scent is AWESOME!! ("Your candles smell AWESOME!")(Can anyone guess the movie quote??) LOL back to the Alien perfume...I have a secret for you guys though--don't purchase it at Ulta if you love it, if you buy it through Amazon you can get it for $20 cheaper!! SAY WHAT??

I hope this is helpful to all the ladies shopping for their gal pals or lovely family members or the men looking for the perfect gift for their wife, daughter, mother, sister, etc...

It's the Holiday Season!! I can't believe it.
Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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