Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

So talk about a crazy, throw together family session.. As soon as I walked in the door for Thanksgiving break with Zach (after a three and a half hour drive home might I add) I freshened up my makeup, threw on clothes and out we went for family pics.
My dad and brother were leaving for the entire weekend (yes, all of Thanksgiving weekend for hockey, it was very sad) so this was our only opportunity before Christmas.
Thanks to my mom's mad coordinating skills and throwing everything together, the pictures turned out great!
I am especially loving the color scheme for this year. We've never done anything with a mustard color before so this was fun!
What are everyones thoughts on mustard? Do you love it or hate it?
I must say I do really love it but it's definitely a hit or miss color on some people!

I treasure moments and photos like these! They capture us so well and are such a sweet blessing to look back on. Do you love family pictures? Yes, they can be chaotic and turn into a big family fight but those stories are always the funniest.

Life wouldn't be the same without these three. Grateful for three brothers who love me on my hardest days. 
What would I do without her? My rock, best friend, comforter, and encourager. So grateful the Lord gave me her as not only friend but "mom."
The three Amigas as I like to call us. We are a smashing trio! 

My personality to a tee. SASS.. lol

I love who you are. Thanks for being my dad and #1 support!
Yes friends, I got nostalgic today. Hope you don't mind. Here's a little look into the Albers family 2015. This is obviously one of our better moments. Grateful for the gift of capturing moments in time. It truly is an incredible blessing!!

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