Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weekend recap!

So I'm now home from school for the next month and it's never felt so good! I wanted to share my weekend with you all and what I did. It was filled with studying, Gilmore girls, little treats to keep me going, and crafts! So although I wasn't looking forward to the weekend going into Friday I made the absolute best of it and now I'm feeling ready to kick my finals in the booty and say ADIOS to the Fall '15 semester.

I got some wonderful study tips from a dear friend when I called her after hitting my finals wall on Thursday and had a slight freak out (yes, I have those even though I'm not proud of them). I shook it off though and it made me kick into gear for the weekend. She told me to find the best in every studying situation and find joy in SOMETHING. Emily told me it would keep me going and honestly it was the best advice she could have given me. So as you go into finals week find JOY!!

My joyful "find" for the weekend was a sweet batch of cookies that a girl at our university makes. They are absolutely amazing. I got myself a cookie for each day as a reward for studying, finishing the test, and continuing to press through. Not to mention they are Christmas themed. :)

How could you not just be happy when you take a bite of one of these??

Friday afternoon I made an Ulta run because that makes me happy and got myself a new face wash as well as foundation because it turns out St. Ives is about to be banned by the FDA for how much it hurts your face so stop using that if you have it. lol No worries if you do, I would just make a run to Target and find something else.

This is the new foundation I got. It smells like cocoa and is very light. I'm loving it. 

Friday night was my church Christmas party and that was a blast and such a nice break from a day of studying. Sweet fellowship, games, food, and fun!!

Saturday I slept in a bit and then got ready and headed to the library. I did my hair in this stylish little up do to keep my hair out of my fair while I worked and I must say I was pretty impressed with my skills.

Saturday night I spent the evening with my sweet friend, Peyton! We ate Double Dave's Pizza Rolls, made a Walmart run, and watched Mona Lisa Smile. It's on Netflix and it's wonderful.. if you're needing a Christmas break movie, add that to the list!

Sunday was church which is always wonderful, afternoon lunch with my sweet grandparents, more time at the library, then a therapeutic wreath making session.

I've decided I'm going to start selling wreaths, all the details are on my Instagram. Follow me @abialbers for the inside scoop.

Cheers to wrapping up the semester! Keep pressing on, friends! The Holidays are so close!!

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