Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

FIVE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! I made it through my first few days at home. To say the least it took some recovering, anyone else feeling that way? I'm loving being home but it's been an exhausting week. I'm excited for Christmas and all it has to offer!
That being said-- let me share my weekend with you all!

Friday I worked a lot of the day and scored the clothes jackpot. LOVE me some Cabi!! Can I just say I love my job? Not only are the clothes wonderful but the ladies I work with are even better. I'm so grateful for people that care about me, make me laugh, smile, and cry tears of joy. They are the best kind of friends and coworkers I could ask for.

Here's the goodies I scored!

Saturday I worked some more and then that night was my first Christmas party of the season in our neighborhood! My mom, dad, Sarah and I got all dressed up for this fun catered event. I will say it was the highlight of my Saturday and such a fun night out. Not to mention there was live music. It was wonderful! Who doesn't love Christmas parties?!!

Sunday was an early wakeup after a late night for a hockey game, but I can't complain. I love nothing more than to watch my brothers' play. It's such a treat and blessing to support them. I'm grateful it's a sport I actually enjoy so that doesn't make it harder. ;)
Then we went to church, which makes me happy because it's so good to be back and seeing everyone! After church was a much needed nail date with Sarah! Both her and I love to treat ourselves and have beautiful nails around the holidays. Plus, it's great girl time! Oh and a lovely friend of ours, Anna Grace joined as well. Here's our final product!

We came home and I babysat around 5 and was finished around 8 and then we made a spontaneous Michael's run for wrapping goodies! We decided to wrap gifts and watch The Holiday. Definitely so festive and so fun! I can't get enough honestly.

Here's to another week friends (a short week as a matter of fact)! Love to each and happy Monday!!

P.S. Sorry it's another weekend recap BUT it's been a week of recovery so I apologize for being MIA. I'm back now :)

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