Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back in the Saddle!

Well I'm 2 weeks into school and things are looking up! I am loving my classes and getting into a routine. Thank you dear readers for being faithful to me even though I've been MIA. I always apologize around the start of a new semester, there is so much to juggle, thank you for being patient. Granted, my blog is not even a part of your life but I feel guilty for just dropping off the face of the planet. Writing stuff for people is like a sweet, enjoyable duty and I hope those that read my blog are inspired, motivated or encouraged and see it as a few therapeutic minutes away from reality.
The good news is-- I'm back in the saddle and have lots to share with you this week! Thanks for baring me with AGAIN!

I do have one curious favor to ask.. if you read my blog on a pretty regular basis, will you comment below on this post? Comments on a blog are a pretty big deal so if I could have a ball park of how many people read, it would be amazing and totally make my Sunday!

Thanks friends! You're all peaches. ;)

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  1. never miss a post :0 I get email notifs and I am thrilled to see everyone

    1. Thank you, Grace! That's so sweet of you!!

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