Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A look inside my purse

I've always wondered what other ladies' hold in their purses.. Everyone has different little knick knacks that they keep to help them survive their days.

Love me some Wild Madagascar Vanilla lotion! A quick perfume freshen up is always necessary. Pens are a must! Nail polish too! Oh and a bandaid for that new shoe blister. Lastly, Poo La La... ladies, if you have never heard of this stuff (on the far left of the picture) you need some. ;) I'll let the website explain! Just trust me when I say, it's a necessity! 

We cant forget the beautiful Kate Spade Wallet and Ray Ban Sunglasses!

For good measure, another little Kate Spade bag filled with Advil and one of my favorite doTerra oils-- Elevation! Aka..the joyful blend *the oil to get happy*! ;)

Nothing fancy but some "different" item for sure!

What's the strangest item in your purse?? 
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