Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bella Terra Concealer

I've never been able to find a concealer that truly covers up my acne, red spots, scars etc. fully and really smoothly. Last year my mom got sucked into a vendor at the mall and bought a ton of makeup. Thankfully it turned out to be really nice makeup. The brand was Bella Terra and my mom just looks absolutely stunning when she wears it. It compliments her face well and she just has this natural glow. The concealer she purchased through the vendor claimed that the "primer" (which is what is actually is, but can be used as concealer) was like a $60 for a small little container. When I tried it and fell in love I was so bummed it was so expensive; because I knew I couldn't afford to spend $60 on a small container of makeup. Anyway, long story short... my mom found the primer on and Ebay for TWELVE DOLLARS and she ordered me some!!! So I'm here to show you the amazing results. Pictures may not do it justice but I did my absolute best.

No makeup, only moisturizer and primer. Notice the slight redness on my face. 

The amazing concealer!! 

This is my face with only the concealer on.. no foundation. Solely the concealer. Look how well it covers! 

I'm a huge fan for this amazing price!! I figured I had to blog about it.

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