Thursday, February 25, 2016

Business Attire

I had a career/internship fair and thought it would be the perfect occasion to share my outfit and help guide anyone needing some style tips for the business world. I struggled with whether it was not dressed up enough, too much, etc... I ended up having to nix the skirt because of the drastic 45 degree weather change here in Texas, but that's besides the fact.

I took a basic sweater blouse and paired it with a simple high waisted black pencil and a tiny kitten heal. This outfit is super simple if you can find the right pieces, and I'm here to help you do that!

Top | Cabi (Mod Cloth)
Skirt | Cabi (H & M) (Charlotte Russe)
Shoes | Target

PC: Maddie Foreman
My suggestions for the top I linked you to: if you feel it's too simple pair it with a jacket!
The skirts that I linked you up to are incredible prices! They are some for more expensive but normally people are all about the bargains! Am I right??

I hope this inspired each of you in a small way! Share your business looks on social media with the hashtag #bloomabilitybusiness.

Do you have a go-to business item you cant live without??

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