Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm sharing a mix of everything today! Recently, these are four things that I just LOVE.

Lets start off with a perfume I've become obsessed with (Jo Malone), thanks to a close friend. She sent me some samples in a package and the more I wear the scent the greater it is! I honestly feel so beautiful wearing it. Yes, it's pricy so it would no doubt be a gift unless you can treat yourself to this kind of weekend gift. ;) But seriously, every women needs a bottle of this for days when they need a little pick me up!
Thank you Kate La Vie for this lovely picture! 

If you're looking for a fabulous movie to curl up on the couch and watch this weekend.. The Intern is the greatest! I love the story line in this and it's just a feel good movie. It's very clean so don't worry about anyone walking in at the wrong time. ;)

Next on the list is my new favorite lip gloss.. it's an icy, warm (if that's even possible) look that is clean and crisp and looks fabulous. Go try White Russian by Bare Minerals at your local Ulta this weekend. ;)

Lastly, an amazing book I am currently reading is American Wife by Taya Kyle (American Sniper's wife). I cant put this book down! It's amazing and she is such a great writer. She is coming to A & M next week to speak and I cannot wait. (That will be a blog post so don't worry!) I'm hoping to have her sign my book and get a picture. Fingers crossed that happens! Regardless, everyone needs to read her book! She's an incredible woman!

Remember this weekend that no matter what happens... smile at the people you love and laugh like there's no tomorrow!! 

Blessings, friends!! 

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