Friday, February 5, 2016

Half Up Top Knot Tutorial

I decided to use the word top knot rather than "man bun" because it just sounds much prettier. Who's with me? I decided to give this look a go (because if i'm honest I was a bit skeptical if I could pull it off) and since it was such a success I figured I had to blog about it because this hairstyle either looks great or terrible. LOL. The key for me is making it loose and relaxed but not TOO relaxed.

Take your freshly washed hair and divide it in half. Leave the desired amount down and take a clip to put the rest up.

You can see the amount I left down from a side view.
Take the bottom half and curl it lightly to give it a natural look. The curling iron I used is pictured below. 
Hot Tools 1 1/2
P.S. Friends-- this curling iron is on sale and some other sizes are as well!
There is also an Ulta coupon floating around! #STEAL

Spray curls and let cool.
Take top half section and brush to desired look. 
Wrap hair around making sure you dont make the knot too round.
You don't want it to look like a donut. 
Stick bobby pins in for extra hold.
Stretch and pull hair to give it a loose relaxed look.
And you're done! 

YAY for top knots! 

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  1. Love this hair style! It inspired my weekend look!


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