Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Night with Taya Kyle

Wow... if I aspire to be like anyone in my life it is most definitely Taya Kyle. For those of you who don't know who she is, Taya, is the widow of American Sniper, Chris Kyle. An incredible woman with the most selfless and humble heart I have ever met. Her love for her husband and the desire to carry his legacy on is truly beautiful.

She's chosen joy. Of anyone that has a free pass to be bitter and angry with the world, it's most definitely her. But she's chosen to be joyful amidst the heartbreak and reality (as she said) "her life hasn't turned out the way she expected or wanted. But this is where I am and I cant change that."

I was emotional throughout my entire day as I continued to read her book, reflect on her heart, and listen to her speak such powerful words. She's inspired me without a shadow of a doubt!

*side story*

I was prepped for today with my camera, flats (to dress up my outfit of course), and camera to have my book signed and then go and listen to her speak. I've been anticipating this for weeks now and I've been over the moon! It's finally time to head to the book signing and I go to pull out my camera to test lighting and guess what?! My camera is dead. Somehow it was left on allllll day. I was trying not to be super angry and just thanked God I had an Iphone 6 to make the pics work. Not ideal, but I made it work. So if you're wondering why the pics don't look as crisp now you know. ;)

Taya stood her entire book signing like her husband would. Chris would say "if the people are going to stand for me, I'm going to stand for them."

I was so anxious excited to meet her! I wanted to say so much but of course froze up. She talked to everyone who came about something and was very personable. I think that was one of the things I loved most. One of the best things she said to me was that I smelled so good and asked me what I was wearing. (yeah, internally I freaked out because that was such a high compliment). I told her, and the perfume I happened to be wearing was a strange name, Alien.

My favorite thing she said during her speech was that her husband wanted to be remembered for all the people he saved, not the number he killed. I think I loved that most because it truly said a lot about Chris Kyle's heart. His heart to love others above himself. He was a true American hero.

After her talk I felt compelled to message her. There were so many things I wanted to say but couldn't/didn't. PLUS I had a perfect way for her to remember me, "the girl that smelled so good" ;)

My words to Taya were:
Hi Taya! We met tonight at Texas A & M at the book signing. I'm Abi, the one who was wearing the Alien perfume. smile emoticonI didn't get to say all that I wanted to you during our short time but I just wanted to thank you for the service and legacy that you carry on as you go and speak to people all around the world! You truly are an incredible role model. My dad is retired Marine Corps and I am seriously dating a guy who is in the Air Force. Thank you for inspiring so many and dedicating your life and time to impacting others. You're selfless and humble heart is unlike anyone I have ever met. The Lord has used you (and is still using you) for His glory and it's beautiful!! Your work for the Kingdom is without a doubt making an impact. God Bless You, Taya! ~Abi Albers

P.S. Here is the link to the Alien perfume. ;)

I wish I could sit and have coffee with her, I really do! Maybe our paths will cross again someday but for now her impact on me was immaculate and I'm inspired and humbled by her heart and character!

For the link to her book, see my previous post here!

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