Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day to Date Night Tutorial

After having an exhausting long day, trying to freshen up your hair and face for a date night can be hard.  This tutorial walks you through this process in 10 minutes and I promise by the end you'll feel absolutely beautiful! 

To check out the foundation I use see this post. To get your very own Naked palette click here. For other makeup basics I use see this post. My lipgloss can be purchased here.
To learn how to do a french twist see this post.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Content Survey

I'm trying to please my readers and write about things they enjoy just as much as I do. Tell me what you'd love for me to write about by filling out this two question survey!

Your responses are appreciated more than you know!

My Top 6 Makeup Brushes

I've had many friends ask me how to use different kinds of makeup brushes and honestly knowing them all and how to use them is quite the art. I'm always fascinated as I learn more because it helps me apply my makeup more effectively and flawlessly. I hope me explaining why I use my main 6 brushes teaches you something and excites you like it does me. :) 

1. This brush is just a normal rounded brush that I use to apply my concealer under my eyes. It prevents the makeup from soaking into my skin and wasting it and also creates a nice smooth look. When I applied it with my fingers I would run into the problem of my finger wiping it off my face rather than smoothing it. (side note-- I apply my concealer in the shape of a triangle with the point of triangle facing the bottom of my face). You can get this brush anywhere-- you can find a lower end one with Elf or another brand at Target. Or if you want a little nicer head over to Ulta. 

2. This is just an all over loose powder brush that I use to smooth things out if there is anything I'm not liking. It's also great for a quick refresh mid day. I don't do this during the school day but if I'm out and want to throw a little powder on my face I'll use this brush to do it. 

3. This brush I purchased through MaskCara. This is their HAC brush that I love applying bronzer with (the flat end). It's a great shape to create a fine line that can be rubbed in nicely. The other end (rounded) is great for applying foundation. This brush is a two-for-one steal! 

4. This brush is my absolute favorite!! It's an angled eye shadow brush that is pure perfection for the crease! Seriously-- everyone needs one of these. It helps to create a nice curved look with the darker color and applies so nicely. 

You'll fall in love! I promise.
5. Another awesome angled brush that's great for applying blush or a highlighter on the cheeks (that's what I use it for). It's a more loosely bristled brushed so it works better with loose powders, whereas the tightly bristled HAC brush is great for creamy/powder makeups. 

6. This one I use for my blush right now because I'm doing mostly bronzer and a little pink on the apples of my cheeks. In the winter time I loose the bronzer though and use blush all over my cheek bones. 

Comment below with your go-to makeup brush! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Crest Teeth Whitening Review

I was one of those typical Americans that fell for a commercial and figured I would give the product a try. I have been wanting a simple whitening program that wouldn't cost me a fortune and gradually get the job done. I'm pleased to say 3D Crest White did the trick! I've been using it 3 weeks and I'm really pleased with the results thus far. It's a two-step tooth paste system that takes you no longer than a regular toothbrush. It can be purchased at Target or any drug store and it's only $12.99! The look of the system is below and it will be in the toothpaste section of the store.

Share your results with the hashtag #bloomability3Dwhite!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Rodan + Fields Week 4

Rodan + Fields Week 4 update: I'm thrilled with my results! Honestly-- my skin has never looked better. I still have some work to do on my cheeks but the results are extremely dramatic if you ask me. Patience is key and not ripping your skin to shreds even if you feel gross with all your acne. My number one reason for encouraging R + F (over pills with a dermatologist) is that in the end it does cost less and the results last because you can continue washing your face with the sulfur wash! Maybe I'm bias but the results are real. I hope this is encouraging to anyone considering using their products. Just bite the bullet, be patient and I can almost promise you wont regret it!
Please remember my pics are honest and real, they only have light added to them to make my face a little brighter. 

Have a wonderful Easter friends and a blessed weekend. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Everyday Lip Color

I was on the search a few weeks ago for an everyday lip color that added a pop to my face without looking too done up. I am all about looking natural and this color does just the trick for me! It's Color Me Coral by Mary Kay. Mix pink and a tiny bit of orange to create a really fun pop of color! The neon orange in my shirt makes it look a tad more orange than it actually is, in person it has more of a pink tone to it. But honestly this lipstick is perfect for me to throw on with a little mascara before I head to class. The more I wear it, the more I love it!

What's your go-to lipstick color? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rocking the Ponytail

Having a good voluptuous ponytail can be hard. I have two simple tricks to give your pony some UMPH!
I like to curl my hair or add some wave so give it even more volume. For the perfect ponytail get some clear elastics and bobby pins. The elastics adds some density and the illusion that it has more volume.

Next, take your bobby pin, on the ridge side and insert it from under your pony upwards into the ponytail so that it's sticking outside your pony. Then take your pony and pull and stretch it, this will hide the bobby pink and give it the volume. These two simple tricks will help solve the flat hair.

Post your voluptuous hair via social media with the hashtag #bloomabilityhair.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Galveston SB 2k16!

Back to reality.. it's the home stretch for the semester! For those just starting Spring Break, enjoy it! It's just what your heart needs. The beach, laughter and friends was just what mine needed!

Here are some pictures from my week! I will say that tourism wise (because that is my major and I cant help but look at destinations as a tourism spot) it was probably a 7 on a 1-10 scale. It did have some not so nice areas but there were great food options, fun shops, and a pier with fun rides! The beach is no Florida beach but it's a beach and I cant complain. :) We stayed at a condo through Air BNB that was great! It was a little small but was cozy and so fun! We didnt need anything big because we were at the beach mostly.

The weather was perfect! I will say, I had NO IDEA how humid Galveston was.. my hair was a hot mess. It's a moist area with tons of salt, so great on the skin but terrible on the hair.

Our days consisted of sleeping in, beaching, happy hour, movie nights and some shopping! It was so relaxing and SO wonderful. I am sun kissed and so happy.

That's a wrap! I hope your Monday is sweet and the coffee is ever stronger to get you through. ;) 

Monday, March 14, 2016

See you in a week, friends!

I hope everyone that had Spring Break was wonderful! Everyone that has Spring Break this week, ENJOY! Everyone that has it next week or the week after, keep pushing, it's worth the wait!

I am off to Galveston tomorrow with my lifelong friends, Sarah and Emily! I'll be posting photos via social media but I'll be off the blog till next Monday!

Peace out friends and soak up the sun! See you in a week. :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rodan + Fields Week 2

I know I said this last week but I continue to be amazed with the results of this skin care line. In just two weeks my face has gone from covered to glowing with a few blemishes. I cant recommend this enough. I'm a real person with real results. I am always skeptical about things like this because you never know what's happened to the pictures or how long it's taken. The only thing I've done to my pictures is add the same amount of brightness to each picture so it's a little brighter and clearer..
That being said here are my week 0-2 results. If you aren't convinced Rodan + Fields works after this then I don't know what will convince you. ;) I cant wait to see week 4!

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