Monday, March 21, 2016

Galveston SB 2k16!

Back to reality.. it's the home stretch for the semester! For those just starting Spring Break, enjoy it! It's just what your heart needs. The beach, laughter and friends was just what mine needed!

Here are some pictures from my week! I will say that tourism wise (because that is my major and I cant help but look at destinations as a tourism spot) it was probably a 7 on a 1-10 scale. It did have some not so nice areas but there were great food options, fun shops, and a pier with fun rides! The beach is no Florida beach but it's a beach and I cant complain. :) We stayed at a condo through Air BNB that was great! It was a little small but was cozy and so fun! We didnt need anything big because we were at the beach mostly.

The weather was perfect! I will say, I had NO IDEA how humid Galveston was.. my hair was a hot mess. It's a moist area with tons of salt, so great on the skin but terrible on the hair.

Our days consisted of sleeping in, beaching, happy hour, movie nights and some shopping! It was so relaxing and SO wonderful. I am sun kissed and so happy.

That's a wrap! I hope your Monday is sweet and the coffee is ever stronger to get you through. ;) 

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