Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Top 6 Makeup Brushes

I've had many friends ask me how to use different kinds of makeup brushes and honestly knowing them all and how to use them is quite the art. I'm always fascinated as I learn more because it helps me apply my makeup more effectively and flawlessly. I hope me explaining why I use my main 6 brushes teaches you something and excites you like it does me. :) 

1. This brush is just a normal rounded brush that I use to apply my concealer under my eyes. It prevents the makeup from soaking into my skin and wasting it and also creates a nice smooth look. When I applied it with my fingers I would run into the problem of my finger wiping it off my face rather than smoothing it. (side note-- I apply my concealer in the shape of a triangle with the point of triangle facing the bottom of my face). You can get this brush anywhere-- you can find a lower end one with Elf or another brand at Target. Or if you want a little nicer head over to Ulta. 

2. This is just an all over loose powder brush that I use to smooth things out if there is anything I'm not liking. It's also great for a quick refresh mid day. I don't do this during the school day but if I'm out and want to throw a little powder on my face I'll use this brush to do it. 

3. This brush I purchased through MaskCara. This is their HAC brush that I love applying bronzer with (the flat end). It's a great shape to create a fine line that can be rubbed in nicely. The other end (rounded) is great for applying foundation. This brush is a two-for-one steal! 

4. This brush is my absolute favorite!! It's an angled eye shadow brush that is pure perfection for the crease! Seriously-- everyone needs one of these. It helps to create a nice curved look with the darker color and applies so nicely. 

You'll fall in love! I promise.
5. Another awesome angled brush that's great for applying blush or a highlighter on the cheeks (that's what I use it for). It's a more loosely bristled brushed so it works better with loose powders, whereas the tightly bristled HAC brush is great for creamy/powder makeups. 

6. This one I use for my blush right now because I'm doing mostly bronzer and a little pink on the apples of my cheeks. In the winter time I loose the bronzer though and use blush all over my cheek bones. 

Comment below with your go-to makeup brush! 


  1. What brand are your brushes? The color is adorable!

    1. Hi Megan! I actually got these brushes for Christmas.. they were purchased off Amazon for a great price! Don't let that fool you though, the quality is great and I have no complaints after 3 months of use. :) Hope this helps!
      Find the brushes here:


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