Friday, March 4, 2016

Rodan & Fields Week 1

Get yours here.
So a week ago I started Rodan & Fields (a skin care line for acne) because mine felt like it had just gotten out of control. Yes, acne is relative but I was becoming so self conscious about it that I decided I needed to do something and stop complaining. It's gotten drastically worse as time has gone on since I started college, stress, some medical issues, etc.. but I'm finally on the road to full facial recovery and I'm so happy! Every Friday I'll be sharing my progress. The results from one week are crazy so I cant wait to see how it will be after eight weeks! Stay tuned for dramatic results (hopefully)!

Has anyone used an acne line? If so, which one? 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Abi, no matter what you are gorgeous inside and out. Pimple or no pimple. �� I'm happy that you took a chance and that Unblemish from R+D, the creators/dermatologists of Proactiv IS WORKING for you. I'm excited to watch your results. And I'm excited to watch you gain your "put your face forward" confidence back. XO

  2. I find that taking a probiotic 2x a day clears my skin up. I can immediately tell by the end of the day if I forgot to take it or not. It's that good!

    1. Thats amazing, Lizzy! What probiotic are you taking??


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