Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Break Looks

It's finally March which means Spring Break 2016 is approaching!!!! *fan girl scream* I can't tell you how ready I am for a break and this year I'm headed to the beach with some of my life long friends and our moms! I can hardly wait! I'm on the 2 week countdown! With the warm weather making its appearance I thought I'd share some really easy cute outfits for Spring Break!

Lets start casual and work our way up! I love a good chambray shirt that is tied at the bottom. This shirt is perfect for throwing with anything and making it a cute summer/spring look! Patterned shorts are another closet staple. Get some that will have multiple top options, you'll get the most bang for your buck that way! These shoes I've shared with you guys before in this post. Another great buy!

Top | Old Navy
Shorts | Old Navy

To me this is like a day out in the city, town, or wherever you go for shopping, lunch and all that fun girly stuff! I love how this outfit can be cute casual or if you add some more makeup you can make it a little dressier. Honestly, these summer looks could be my fav!! 

Hat | Cabi (Lane Bryant)
Top | Cabi (Nordstrom)
Pants | Cabi (Pacsun)
Shoes | Plato's Closet (Amazon)
Bag | Kate Spade

Lastly, everyone needs a cute dinner outfit that is easy to throw on after being on the beach all day! Night time looks are also super fun because your skin is warm, you smell like the sun, and you honestly feel so beautiful! (I'm not sun kissed by any means, but you get the point ;))

Bracelet | Altar'd State (Overstock)
White Bracelet | Bracha
Clutch | (It's from Uganda but here is another one)
Dress |  TJmaxx (Zaful)
Shoes | DSW
Earrings | Kendra Scott

I'm so excited for Spring Break!! Share your plans in the comments! 

Thank you again to my sweet cousin Maddie for taking my pictures! 

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