Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Ulta Blowout Review

Okay so I've never had a blowout done before and I will say I did like the one I got from Ulta but I wasn't over the moon about the experience. The appointment was only supposed to take 30 minutes and the deal was they would show off their new Living Proof products (which I can't recommend enough) and I could get the blowout for $10 from 4-8pm (sounds like a steal right?!). It was a really good deal and for the price I paid I can't complain, but I will say that if you need a blowout I don't recommend Ulta as your go-to place. Some Ulta's may have ladies (or men) that are pros at blowouts but mine just wasn't as great as the Dry Bar (according to my outside source, Sarah Winsted ;)). My gal Teryn was great; very personable, sweet and got to know me. The only downside was, she took FOREVR. It took her an hour to wash and blow dry my hair and that was a major downside when I had a show at 7:30 in Dallas that night (Wicked). See my post about that here. The long hair appointment added a little stress to the night but we recovered. :)

The blowout was overall really great for the price! My hair lasted a couple days and I loved the bounce. I didn't like how she rolled my hair up with bobby pins because it created some weird movement that I didn't notice till I saw the pics. My sweet friend, Peyton had one done (pictured below) the same day at Ulta in College Station and I LOVED how hers was done! It look so beautiful. Sarah, my other dear friend, who we celebrated over the week (if you missed that post, you can find it here) did not like how hers turned out. They basically blew her hair out straight, which I would have been bummed about as well. The reviews are mixed so if you're willing to risk $10 for the experience, I say call Ulta and get in this Friday or the next, if not, pass and spend the money to go to the big leagues (aka, Dry Bar). If you asked me about my experience I'd say good, not great. Here are some pics from the outing!

How FABULOUS is this gal?!?

See what I mean by the funky pieces?
So I took my fingers and bumped it up ;)
Like I said, overall pretty positive! I figured if nothing less-- it was a great thing to blog about. ;)
Have you ever had a blowout? If so, where? Please share your thoughts in the comments! I LOVE hearing from you! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bach Weekend: Future Mrs. Jordan Edition

What a fun weekend! It was such a sweet and special weekend to celebrate Sarah, future Mrs. Jordan!

I got about 4 hours of sleep Friday night after Wicked and woke up at 5 am to get ready and head to College Station for a night in Austin with my besties! I arrived at the 202 at approximately 9:15 (aka Abby, Alana and Sarah's house), Abby and Alana (the co maids of honor) had an adorable set up with little goodies bags. Each bag had an adorable lip gloss in it, pixie sticks, hand sanitizer, and adorable cookies! Oh and adorable water bottles with labels on them.

We then all piled in the HILARIOUS used van that made lovely animal sounds as it accelerated. Caroline was the peach of the group and volunteered to drive. Alana wrote fun stuff on the sides and we got lovely stares and honks all weekend. ;)

It took us about an hour and a half to get to Austin and we arrived at the yummy Shake Shack. The burger was great and the fries were pretty wonderful too! I definitely recommend it if you head to Austin and want a yummy affordable meal!

After food in our tummy we walked around the shops at The Domain and then headed to our 2 o'clock nail appointment! Classic girl friends date. So fun! I got a pedi and loved every minute of it. The shop was T-nails and I was very impressed with how they handled our size group and the rates were reasonable.

We are were dragging after pedis and decided a Starbucks run was more than necessary. I tried the iced caramel macchiato and I have to say I'm obsessed. The drink is amazing and looks oh-so-pretty after it's made. It's a beautiful ombre! How can you resist?!

We then headed back to the hotel and relaxed before prepping for our night out. This was such a fun time to relax and have girl talk. THE BEST. Am I right?!

6:40 rolled around and we were all dressed and ready to hit the town! But before we left we had a small lingerie shower for Sarah which is such a fun, special, giggle fest!

Pic with future roomies minus 1!
All piled in! 
The Bride and her CO-MOHs

It was such a treat to celebrate Sarah, honestly! I loved every minute.
We then headed downtown in our party van (it was interesting) and ate at the Iron Cactus. Very good food but I chose an appetizer for my meal and it was a little too rich for just one person. So I drank a bunch of water to try and get the fishy taste out of my mouth and not let it ruin the night. ;)

The night was topped off with hitting the town and enjoying the city! It was such a fun 24 hour trip and a great escape from the reality of school!

Cheers to Sarah and cheers to the future Mr. & Mrs. Jordan!! Only 25 more days! YAY!

Monday, April 25, 2016

That was totally Wicked!

I had one heck of a weekend! Wicked and a bachelorette in Austin! I had such a fun weekend but I'm exhausted if I'm totally honest. ;)

Today I'm recapping my Wicked experience and tomorrow I'll be sharing all the fun photos from a night in Austin!

To kick off my Friday I got a blowout from Ulta! For the next 2 Fridays from 4-8 you can get a $10 blowout. My experience ended positively but I had other friends who weren't too happy with the results. It wasn't that anything terrible happened it just wasn't what they wanted. The Ulta stylists just seemed to lack knowledge in the blowout department. For $10 though, I can't complain, my experience was overall positive! I'll be sharing pics and more details about that later this week! But just for a sneak peak, here is how my hair turned out!

The hair took way too long so I rushed home, changed my clothes as fast as possible and we rushed to Dallas! We were worried we wouldn't make the start time but thankfully we got there 15 minutes early and made it in perfect time. Here are some pre-show pics!

At intermission we stumbled upon an awesome Wicked backdrop and jumped on that! The show was incredible! My favorite scene is without a doubt, Defying Gravity. Runner up is Popular! The choreography is amazing and the singing is out of this world!

I chose the lovely tutu skirt and ended up choosing a tighter purple top so everyone that voted guessed correctly. ;)

Our group was too big for the backdrop! 

It was such a special night! We finished the night off at Bar Louie in Allen and got way too little sleep.

Happy Monday, friends! If your weekend was as eventful as mine, take a good ole nap today. I know I will be!

If you've seen Wicked, what's your favorite scene?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, friends! I'm off to Dallas to see Wicked! Stay tuned on Instagram for my outfit reveal! If you missed my post from yesterday, view it here.

Friday Favorite #1:
I'm obsessed with my robe I got for Christmas! This is like my safe, happy, warm place! Do you all have robes?? If so, do you love them?? If not, this is a nice one.

Friday Favorite #2:
If you're looking for a good self tanner Rodan + Fields is the way to go! This tanner is easy, light, and not orange. It's very affordable and I highly recommend it!

Friday Favorite #3:
These clips I found at Tjmaxx last week and I really like them. They are great to separate your hair for blow drying or curling and don't leave any kinks. I got mine for $3.99. ;)

Friday Favorite #4:
I am a huge fan of the Volcano candles! If you haven't tried these before you NEED to. They smell absolutely amazing and last a really long time. Yes, they are a little more expensive then the average Target candle but I promise you won't regret it. :)

Friday Favorite #5:
My dad just recently bought a condo here in College Station for the rest of my college career, which I am abundantly grateful for! I am so excited to be moving in over the summer with my girl friends and kicking off the semester together! We went today to check in on the progress and see how things were going! (I'll definitely be doing a post to show off the condo once it's complete). I love the white cabinets, grey walls, and granite countertops! It's going to look amazing once it's done!

The kitchen and living area!
My bedroom to-be! 
My bathroom to be!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! Next week I'll be sharing my Wicked night in Dallas, Bachelorette weekend in Austin (celebrating my dear friend Sarah Hamilton), and the blow out I'm getting! Lots of exciting things happen! Summer is near!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wicked Weekend: Cast Your Vote For My Outfit!

I'M OVER THE MOON! Tomorrow I head home to Dallas to watch the incredible show of, Wicked. For those that don't know, the story is The Wizard of Oz but from a different angle. The angle of the witches. Sounds great right?!! It's an absolutely incredible show that did so well in NYC! The New York Times said it is "the defining musical of the decade!" EEK!!

 I'll be going with both my parents, Sarah, Bradley (Sarah's brother) and a few of his friends! The men will be in four piece suits and the women will be dressed to the nines! I'm so excited! (I'll document all of it, I promise!)

I've picked an outfit from one of the three below. I love all three of these outfits but one of them is the lucky winner for the weekend! My hair will be blown out, makeup most likely will be a smokey eye with a dark lip, and I'll be wearing some fun jewelry. I want to know your thoughts on the outfits!

I thought it would be fun if you all casted a vote on the one you think I chose! So... which one do you think it is?? Vote in the comments and follow me on Instagram (if you haven't already) so you can see which one I pick this weekend!

Thanks for voting. ;) You're so close to Friday!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

APPsolutely Needed!

Pun intended with my title. ;) Today I'm sharing some of my current favorite apps and one that I am so excited to try and have heard nothing but GREAT things about!

(starting from the top left corner): Venmo is a great app for paying friends back if you don't have cash! This secure app allows you to send and receive money in your bank account with people you are with. It has been my go-to lately if I'm splitting a bill with a friend or need to pay a friend back for something but have no cash. Definitely download this one!

Next up: Stylebook! This is the app I am over the moon excited about to try! I have friends who rave about it. Basically once you get the app you have the ability to take pictures of all the clothes in your closet and the app organizes everything for you. Then you make outfits and can plan what you're going to wear on a trip or for the next month. The coolest feature for me is you can document on the calendar what you wore everyday so if you aren't sure on Sunday morning if you wore the same shirt last week, you can check the app and have your answer. ;)

A Color Story: a new app that I heard about through one of my favorite bloggers, The Small Things Blog. This app is great for photo editing and I'm about to purchase the rest of the filters. I am new to this app but so far I really like it! So definitely check it out.

(bottom left): She Reads Truth! This is a devotional and Bible app that is great for just showering your spirit. They have tons of devotionals you can get for free or purchase. They walk you through it and then have a thought provoking section afterward. Bonus: they have verse wallpapers that are free to download.

Last but not least, Find My Friends. This app is my savior. It helps me keep track of all my crazy gal pals. It allows you to see where your friends are and tells you how many miles away they are from you. Amazing right!?!

Just a few of my tech favorites!! Happy Hump Day, peeps!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#GetToKnowAbi: Rainy Day Edition

Today I'm sharing my favorite things to do on a rainy day! I don't mind a rainy day every once in awhile but after a day I'm over it. I mean who doesn't love a perfect nap day?!  I've loved filming the #GetToKnowAbi videos. I really enjoying sharing things about myself with hopes of all my wonderful followers sharing things about themselves. Happy Tuesday!!

Please share your rainy day activities with me in the comments! I cant tell you how much I love hearing from y'all! 

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