Monday, April 4, 2016

A Day in the Life

Over the weekend I asked my brother Zak to help me create a video to showcase what a usual Saturday morning looks like for me. He is an incredible videographer and did all this for me in like a day and a half. Brother of the month award goes to him!

 I love following "A Day in the Life" posts and so I thought a video would be a fun way to show you what I do on a Saturday morning rather than a gazillion pictures.  I think videos do such a great job of capturing personality and the fun side of people! This past Saturday I was getting ready for a high tea bridal shower as I'm sure many saw on Instagram.  Check out the video below.

Let me know what a typical Saturday morning activity is for you and what you thought of this video! 

Shout out to my amazing brother for all his hard work on this!! 

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