Wednesday, April 20, 2016

APPsolutely Needed!

Pun intended with my title. ;) Today I'm sharing some of my current favorite apps and one that I am so excited to try and have heard nothing but GREAT things about!

(starting from the top left corner): Venmo is a great app for paying friends back if you don't have cash! This secure app allows you to send and receive money in your bank account with people you are with. It has been my go-to lately if I'm splitting a bill with a friend or need to pay a friend back for something but have no cash. Definitely download this one!

Next up: Stylebook! This is the app I am over the moon excited about to try! I have friends who rave about it. Basically once you get the app you have the ability to take pictures of all the clothes in your closet and the app organizes everything for you. Then you make outfits and can plan what you're going to wear on a trip or for the next month. The coolest feature for me is you can document on the calendar what you wore everyday so if you aren't sure on Sunday morning if you wore the same shirt last week, you can check the app and have your answer. ;)

A Color Story: a new app that I heard about through one of my favorite bloggers, The Small Things Blog. This app is great for photo editing and I'm about to purchase the rest of the filters. I am new to this app but so far I really like it! So definitely check it out.

(bottom left): She Reads Truth! This is a devotional and Bible app that is great for just showering your spirit. They have tons of devotionals you can get for free or purchase. They walk you through it and then have a thought provoking section afterward. Bonus: they have verse wallpapers that are free to download.

Last but not least, Find My Friends. This app is my savior. It helps me keep track of all my crazy gal pals. It allows you to see where your friends are and tells you how many miles away they are from you. Amazing right!?!

Just a few of my tech favorites!! Happy Hump Day, peeps!

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