Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry

I've been following Lauren Elizabeth blog for some time now. She is the sister of Kate Bryan from The Small Things Blog. Both are great and I highly recommend you add both to your blog reading list! Lauren started a jewelry company some time ago and it has blossomed into a lovely small jewelry line that is full of simple pieces, statement and other goodies! The best part is-- there isn't anything for more than $40! Her jewelry is lovely, affordable and I am a huge fan. One of my favorite pieces is the Druzy Hex Studs that are $20 and go with EVERYTHING. They are a lovely, simple everyday earring that you need to add to your card. (forgive me for not having a picture)

Here are a few other pieces that Lauren sent me and I absolutely love! This first piece is a lovely gold simple necklace that goes with any and everything and the gold cuff paired with it is the perfect match!

I mean how could you not be obsessed with both of these?!?!

This last piece is a gorgeous silver necklace that's casual and simple!

This jewelry is perfect for everyday and are great gift options!! The items I have pictured are only a few of the many fabulous pieces! Go get yourself a Happy Tuesday gift. ;)

This post is in collaboration with Elisabeth Ashlie.

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