Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gal Picks Update: Blind Date Edition

 Exciting, fun, hilarious stuff is happening with my gal pals! Alana got set up on a blind date this week. She looked absolutely adorable and it was too hilarious not to share!

Her nerves were through the roof and she over analyzed the situation (like any normal girl would) for a good 2 hours prior to the date. She was prepped and ready though! Between the self tanner on the legs, walking around in the robe so she could do her hair and makeup without ruining her outfit, and making sure the makeup was perfectly put so it didn't look caked on. She did it all. Timed brushing her teeth so her breath would be fresh and spraying perfume so it smelled great but wasn't overkill. Alana was set and ready! She paced the house, asked what time it was, would sit down and tell us her stomach hurt, then ask the time again. FINALLY 7:15 arrived. She timed her departure perfectly in order to not be early or late. She called us in a panic at 7:24 and said she had arrived ahead of schedule. She made a couple of laps so she could kill a little time. ;)

I was able to document the whole thing, outfit and all! She decided to go with a simple grey dress from The Happy Goose, a beautiful necklace from Charming Charlie's (I found a similar one at Nordstrom), and her shoes are from Target. Her purse is from Kate Spade Outlet (I'm sorry I don't have a link for it) and bracelet is Kendra Scott (I linked a similar one). Can you say FABULOUS?! That's Alana though, fabulous. ;)

I'm going on a blind date say what?!?! 

 *flip the hair* "One more pic please!"

It's 7:15, get in that car!

*Excited face*

Pam (her car) is in for a real treat tonight!

Get her there safe, Pam!

Alana called us and put her phone in her purse so we could hear, we didn't listen the whole date but did hear a little. ;) That's what friends are for!

Side note: The date was great! Alana had an awesome time and her date asked for her number. #success

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