Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Ulta Blowout Review

Okay so I've never had a blowout done before and I will say I did like the one I got from Ulta but I wasn't over the moon about the experience. The appointment was only supposed to take 30 minutes and the deal was they would show off their new Living Proof products (which I can't recommend enough) and I could get the blowout for $10 from 4-8pm (sounds like a steal right?!). It was a really good deal and for the price I paid I can't complain, but I will say that if you need a blowout I don't recommend Ulta as your go-to place. Some Ulta's may have ladies (or men) that are pros at blowouts but mine just wasn't as great as the Dry Bar (according to my outside source, Sarah Winsted ;)). My gal Teryn was great; very personable, sweet and got to know me. The only downside was, she took FOREVR. It took her an hour to wash and blow dry my hair and that was a major downside when I had a show at 7:30 in Dallas that night (Wicked). See my post about that here. The long hair appointment added a little stress to the night but we recovered. :)

The blowout was overall really great for the price! My hair lasted a couple days and I loved the bounce. I didn't like how she rolled my hair up with bobby pins because it created some weird movement that I didn't notice till I saw the pics. My sweet friend, Peyton had one done (pictured below) the same day at Ulta in College Station and I LOVED how hers was done! It look so beautiful. Sarah, my other dear friend, who we celebrated over the week (if you missed that post, you can find it here) did not like how hers turned out. They basically blew her hair out straight, which I would have been bummed about as well. The reviews are mixed so if you're willing to risk $10 for the experience, I say call Ulta and get in this Friday or the next, if not, pass and spend the money to go to the big leagues (aka, Dry Bar). If you asked me about my experience I'd say good, not great. Here are some pics from the outing!

How FABULOUS is this gal?!?

See what I mean by the funky pieces?
So I took my fingers and bumped it up ;)
Like I said, overall pretty positive! I figured if nothing less-- it was a great thing to blog about. ;)
Have you ever had a blowout? If so, where? Please share your thoughts in the comments! I LOVE hearing from you! 


  1. Is it always $10 there?? I've never had a blow out, but I'd try it out for ten bucks for sure ;) I'm just so basic with my hair. Pony tail all day ever day lol. Those hair dryers look intense!! And I LOVE living proof, so I'd consider that $10 worth it almost just for that, haha. xx


    1. No just during this Living Proof special. It's going on tomorrow and next Friday. Otherwise I'm not sure of the price. I say definitely try it! It's worth $10!! Let me know how it goes! :)


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