Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was restful and fun! Mine was, and I'm sad it's over..back to the grind. :)

I kicked off my weekend with a spontaneous activity with a group of friends, it was date night at the ice rink so we "paired" up and got a good deal to ice skate for 2 hours. ;) It was so fun and such a nice, fun, relaxing activity after lots of school!

(Sorry for the pics being a bit blurry, the lighting wasn't very good.)

Friday, I relaxed in the morning, packed my stuff and headed to Dallas. Zach was able to meet me! YAY! I'm so grateful my house is the perfect meeting spot for us on the weekends. I relaxed at home till the evening then we all headed to Downtown McKinney with Anna Grace (my brother's girlfriend) and her mom Leanne to Landon's Winery. Obviously a large portion of the group didn't partake in any drinks but we enjoyed the cheese and hummus platters. 

My mom and Leanne were not drinking that much wine, the glasses somehow piled in front of them and they posed for the picture, they asked me to tell you all that. ;) hehe

We hung out there till way too late, had hopes of playing a game when we got home, laid on the couch, started a movie, then passed out. A successful Friday night to say the least!

Saturday we relaxed in the morning then headed to Spoons (a wonderful diner in Downtown McKinney).

Relaxed and napped some more then headed to the famous Trade Days Flea Market... what an experience I tell ya! So many vendors and just about everything you can think of to buy. If you ever have the chance to visit the Dallas area, definitely go! The hot buy for the day was Zach finding genuine leather cowboy boots from Mexico for $80!!!

There were even puppies!!!!! How cute are these bulldogs?! 

We wrapped up Saturday with family game night playing 31! My dad was the champ.

Pictured (clockwise): Zak, Anna Grace, my Dad, Zach, Nate, Sarah, my Mom, and BB.
Sunday I woke up to torrential downpour which makes going to church with curled hair oh-so-fun! I threw on a hat and hoped for the best!

Zach wasn't actually angry, he just was very focused on driving in the pouring rain. ;)
I wrapped up my Sunday with a Tjmaxx run, classic right?!? It was quite successful! I got a dress, sandals, dry shampoo, hair clips, and an adorable tissue banner for $57! #score

That's a little glimpse of my weekend. Lots of relaxing and lots of fun!

What was the best part of your weekend? Share with me in the comments! 


  1. So this basically looks like the funnest weekend ever. Wanna trade lives lol? Like food, games, Target, PUPPIES! This flea market sounds awesome too. My husband bought boots last year....and I about threw up lol. Not cheap, not at all. xx

    1. It was a great weekend, Morgan! Not gonna lie ;) Boots can be so expensive! I'm so glad Zach got such a great deal!


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