Monday, April 25, 2016

That was totally Wicked!

I had one heck of a weekend! Wicked and a bachelorette in Austin! I had such a fun weekend but I'm exhausted if I'm totally honest. ;)

Today I'm recapping my Wicked experience and tomorrow I'll be sharing all the fun photos from a night in Austin!

To kick off my Friday I got a blowout from Ulta! For the next 2 Fridays from 4-8 you can get a $10 blowout. My experience ended positively but I had other friends who weren't too happy with the results. It wasn't that anything terrible happened it just wasn't what they wanted. The Ulta stylists just seemed to lack knowledge in the blowout department. For $10 though, I can't complain, my experience was overall positive! I'll be sharing pics and more details about that later this week! But just for a sneak peak, here is how my hair turned out!

The hair took way too long so I rushed home, changed my clothes as fast as possible and we rushed to Dallas! We were worried we wouldn't make the start time but thankfully we got there 15 minutes early and made it in perfect time. Here are some pre-show pics!

At intermission we stumbled upon an awesome Wicked backdrop and jumped on that! The show was incredible! My favorite scene is without a doubt, Defying Gravity. Runner up is Popular! The choreography is amazing and the singing is out of this world!

I chose the lovely tutu skirt and ended up choosing a tighter purple top so everyone that voted guessed correctly. ;)

Our group was too big for the backdrop! 

It was such a special night! We finished the night off at Bar Louie in Allen and got way too little sleep.

Happy Monday, friends! If your weekend was as eventful as mine, take a good ole nap today. I know I will be!

If you've seen Wicked, what's your favorite scene?

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