Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Recap: Atlanta Edition

I spent my weekend in Atlanta celebrating a sweet friend and her high school graduation party (Sarah's younger sister actually). She is a dear friend of the family and so we trekked 12 hours to make it to Atlanta for the weekend. It was lots of driving but so worth the time with such sweet people.

We woke up at 3:30 on Friday and hit the road by 4. BRUTAL right?! We made it to Atlanta by 5. Overall not too bad but I was exhausted.

Car selfies are a must after a long car ride!

We spent the evening spending quality time with the Winsted family (Sarah's family) and friends. The next morning we were up early to set up for the graduation before the party started at 1!

But first, breakfast! We ate at the West Egg in Downtown Atlanta. Emily (Sarah's twin) and I hit up the adorable photo booth!

The food was fabulous!

After breakfast selfie!

After setting up the huge room with maps, hot air balloons, and fake clouds, the traveler theme was set and ready. We were ready to start the celebration!

There was tons of food and it was wonderful! 

Selfie with my mama during the party!

The grad!

Sarah's dad and siblings!

All the sisters!

My sister from another mister!

After the graduation, it was evening and time to get dinner. We ate a place called Zapata's. My mom and I split a Mexican bowl type dish (I don't know the correct term for it so I apologize). It was a shrimp cheese dish with rice, beans, and mushrooms. SO GOOD.

Sunday was church then an afternoon lunch with all of the family and very close friends. I snapped a selfie with the grad on the way!

And had a little too much fun on Snapchat...

Before I knew it Sunday was over and it was 5 am on Monday. We hit the road and made it back around 5:30. We grilled with our neighbors for Memorial Day and enjoyed an evening in the hot tub. It was the perfect end to a great weekend!

Silly side note:

I Face Timed Zach yesterday and had to snap a pic of his facial hair after growing it out for 4 days. Now this may not be a lot to you BUT he has to shave every day because of the Air Force so for me it was totally weird seeing that. I thought he looked adorable, it was too cute not to share!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day: My Heart Is Full

Oh friends, I write today with a grateful heart. Memorial Day weighs so heavy on my heart. Growing up in the military I've always had such a heart for military men, women, children, families, and after being a military girlfriend I have so much respect for the spouses. Life is hard when a loved one decides they are going to make the ultimate sacrifice and serve their country. (I am not saying my life is or was hard by any means, but it's had it's hard moments with my dad being gone and also being apart from my guy). I watched my dad serve for 22 years and now I am watching the love of my life serve. It's truly humbling. I'm grateful I am able to stand behind them and support their heart's desire to fight for what they believe. I'm grateful for the sacrifice and ability to live in a country with so many rights and abilities. I'm grateful for the ability to worship my Lord and Savior. The ability to stand for the National Anthem and hold my hand over my heart. I'm grateful I have the freedom to go to the grocery store for simple necessities and not fear my safety. I'm grateful my country is not the home base for the war we are currently fighting and I'm so grateful that I have the honor and privilege of saying my loved ones are soldiers and are serving/served. No matter what the job, being a part of the military is a sacrifice. I want to thank all the men, women, children, families, spouses and soldiers for giving up years of your life to make America the free and incredible place it is. I will never be able to express the gratitude I feel but hear me when I say, your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Today I hope you'll reflect on the sacrifice men and women have made around the world to fight for us.

Hug your loved ones today and don't take for granted the sweet sacrifice so many have made, and pray for the families who can't hug their loved one(s).

Thanks for letting me pour out my heart. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


I'm over the moon about the new addition to the blog! You read my title correctly, I'm starting a link up party next week! As my blog grows and as I learn more, a link up is more than necessary! I came up with the idea while driving a few weeks ago and thought my idea fit the theme of my blog PERFECTLY.

Let me explain it a little more here for my bloggers, with "BLOOMing" into who I'm supposed to be, every week I want to document one thing that's moving me towards the woman I'm becoming. But this doesn't just have to be for young adults. This can be for moms, seniors, young or old professionals, anyone really! ALL are welcome at this party! We all experience things in life that impact our lives and make us BLOOM into better people and more of who we are called to be. This does not have to be a super serious post (although it can be). It could be something so small that made you better and although it may have been hard, after the fact you realized something about yourself. This topic can be funny, sad, dramatic, crazy, hard, whatever your heart desires! Basically *insert your word here.* The possibilities are endless with this, giving you full creative license to talk about what you're experiencing in life.

For my non blog writers: this is a great opportunity for you to get to know other bloggers better! You learn little things (or big) that are shaping their lives and making them better! I hope you all are as excited about this as I am.

I am seriously over the moon about this party and can't wait to start it! You may have something in mind for your post already! If so, fantastic! If not, be aware of your feelings and thoughts this coming week so you can come up with something fabulous to write about!

For those that plan to participate, I have a few requests, please grab the button link below and link it back to my party page in either your post or party page so others can participate! Secondly, I'm also requesting that you follow me on Pinterest.

With that being said, here is the button for your post:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List!

Drum roll please.... my vacation spot for this year is Cancun Mexico!!! HOLA! Here is where we are staying. I am over the moon! The trip can't come fast enough!

On another note, I decided to create a bucket list of all I'd like to accomplish this summer. I created mine through Pic Monkey and had way too much fun doing it. This whole format is forcing me to accomplish most (if not all) of it this summer. I plan to print it out and have it on my night stand or bathroom mirror to check off the list. I am making a commitment to you all to document each thing I accomplish and share it on the blog. (accountability, it's great right? ;))

My challenge to you, to give your summer some fun purpose to it, not just work, or maybe work purpose. That all depends on your situation. Create a bucket list or list of things you want to accomplish over the summer. If you're like me, creating a pretty list is the most fun and it forces you to actually accomplish it. So with that being said....

If you're confused as to why I have so many pineapples on my list,
 go see this post about my newest obsession.

I tried to make the list realistic but also add something I actually have to be intentional about, like finding a concert to go to. ;) (if you have suggestions, please comment on who you think I should see.) Everything on the list I plan to realistically accomplish and I'm super excited about it! With that, CHEERS TO SUMMER 2016!!!!!

Share something you're going to put on your bucket list in the comments! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap: Wedding Edition

I know I said this last week but I really mean it now, I'm absolutely exhausted. Celebrating sweet friends and coordinating a wedding has me done in! Not to mention, May has been CRAZY. But when is May not crazy, honestly? 

I kicked off the weekend heading to Glen Rose for the rehearsal. The wedding was in Cleburne TX but the hotel and rehearsal dinner were at a restaurant in the Glen Rose area. I had never been out to this part of Texas before and I will say it was beautiful. It had a lot of hills. We arrived at the hotel and hung out for a little while before I ran the rehearsal.


After that we headed to dinner to celebrate the new soon-to-be couple! There was great food and great company! The Maid of Honors and Best Men had speeches and then there was an open mic. It was a sweet time to shower Sarah and Trey! 

The bridal party!

The whole clan!

A few of us!

We headed back to the hotel and stayed up late spending quality time together. It was last night all together before Sarah got hitched. ;) 

Saturday we woke up and the madness for me began as I coordinated and started to figure out how the day would go. With my clipboard in hand and papers upon papers I started to direct and tell people what to do. I've never had so many people ask me what I needed them to do. Although it was absolutely exhausting it was exhilarating.. good thing I want to make a career out of it! ;) 

Everything turned out absolutely beautiful! With many hands the work was light and we knocked it out in two hours. It was then time to get ready! 

Once we were ready the madness really began! I probably walked about 3 miles with all the running around I did! The night was beautiful and it was such a sweet celebration! I only got a few photos because of how busy I was but here are a few sweet ones.

A shot of the Bride and Groom before the ceremony. 

My handsome date. 

It was a fabulous weekend! Now it's time to sleep, recover, find a job and head to Atlanta this week! Happy Monday, friends!! 

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