Friday, May 6, 2016

Hair Debate: HELP!

So the debate is I cut my hair or let it keep growing? I have pictures below of my shorter hair and the length it is now! I have a hair appointment on the 19th. Whether I cut it or not is a possibility but I will definitely be coloring it. Here are some of my color options:

Reasons I love long hair--it's beautiful and reminds me of a mermaid and can be really fun to style. Now that I've mastered straight and different types of curling, long hair would be really fun to do!

Reasons I love short hair-- sassy, fun, easy to do and many people told me I looked older with it.

Don't mind my snapchat caption lol 

Okay vote below with the color option you like best and if I should go short again or keep growing my hair out! I want to know your thoughts!! Happy Friday, peeps!


  1. I like the second or third color option! I also like longer hair, I think long hair in the summer is fun!!

  2. Second color option and short hair looks so fun!

  3. You look like such a fashionista! I swear, the girls here in Savannah that are into fashion and trends all have cute short haircuts. I wish so badly I could cut my hair short and look that cute! You look great!!!!! For more details click to read more


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