Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day: My Heart Is Full

Oh friends, I write today with a grateful heart. Memorial Day weighs so heavy on my heart. Growing up in the military I've always had such a heart for military men, women, children, families, and after being a military girlfriend I have so much respect for the spouses. Life is hard when a loved one decides they are going to make the ultimate sacrifice and serve their country. (I am not saying my life is or was hard by any means, but it's had it's hard moments with my dad being gone and also being apart from my guy). I watched my dad serve for 22 years and now I am watching the love of my life serve. It's truly humbling. I'm grateful I am able to stand behind them and support their heart's desire to fight for what they believe. I'm grateful for the sacrifice and ability to live in a country with so many rights and abilities. I'm grateful for the ability to worship my Lord and Savior. The ability to stand for the National Anthem and hold my hand over my heart. I'm grateful I have the freedom to go to the grocery store for simple necessities and not fear my safety. I'm grateful my country is not the home base for the war we are currently fighting and I'm so grateful that I have the honor and privilege of saying my loved ones are soldiers and are serving/served. No matter what the job, being a part of the military is a sacrifice. I want to thank all the men, women, children, families, spouses and soldiers for giving up years of your life to make America the free and incredible place it is. I will never be able to express the gratitude I feel but hear me when I say, your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Today I hope you'll reflect on the sacrifice men and women have made around the world to fight for us.

Hug your loved ones today and don't take for granted the sweet sacrifice so many have made, and pray for the families who can't hug their loved one(s).

Thanks for letting me pour out my heart. Enjoy your day!


  1. Happy Memorial Day Abi! So very nicely said, I married into a military family and couldn't agree more how humbling it truly is. Thank you and your family for your sacrifice, sweet prayers for you all!

    1. Thank you Rechelle for your sacrifice! Blessings to you!!

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