Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Year in Aggieland: Semester 1

Wow, it's been a year! I made it. By the Grace of God honestly. I'm so grateful He gave me the opportunity to attend school here and meet such amazing ladies who have been a source of sweet encouragement to me! Today I'm highlighting my first semester in Aggieland with pictures and sweet memories.

I kicked off the semester with sweet Sarah's engagement! It was such a special moment to be a part of and I can't believe she'll be married in only 17 days!

The first Aggie football game was a hit! My family came for the game so I of course had to get a Sarah "sandwich" pic. ;)

We had AMAZING seats! Second deck first row! Thank you, Sarah for waking up at 5:30 to get us those tickets. ;)

Had to get a pic with one of my favs-- love my bro!

We can't forget my very first Nike purchase--this was HUGE for me. I had never purchased a pair of tennis shoes before, let alone Nike's! LOL. Check out my post on this here.

I then had my second go at #freshinfifteen! To see this blog post click here

Then I made my way back to Dallas for the A&M vs Arkansas game at the Cowboys stadium that we won in OT! It was so fun! I got to hang with friends and sit in amazing seats with my dad!

A couple weeks after that I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Thankfully it was nothing more than an afternoon at the ER and I was given antibiotics but the recovery took WEEKS. Let me just say it added a lot of stress and drama to the semester (aka tests!).

Another great football game with two of my future roomies (at the time I didn't know we would be). I love how the Lord just works everything out! So excited to live with them in the fall!! 

Next was our crazy crazy rain day! Literally rained like a foot (at least that's what it felt like). This Saturday in October we went to go see The Intern. BEST MOVIE EVER! 

I then went home and got crafty! I made an adorable decoupage pumpkin!

Adorable right?!
Next was Halloween! I was back in Dallas. Sarah and I were Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl!  

Another crafty Friday afternoon spent making a homemade wreath! If you want a custom one shoot me an email or comment below! I would love to make you one. :) 

This little cutie came with my parents for a game and he got to stand with me! So fun! (I noticed Nate never got to stand with me for a game--goal for football season 2016: Nate will come to a game with me)

Then Thanksgiving break rolled around and I worked an all nighter shift at Cabi. Fun fact: that was the first time I stayed up all night. (shocking...I know!)

Lots of great people were in town which made it all the more fun! Zach and Sarah's sisters = total party!! Love this pic!

We also took family pictures over the break! #Christmascard2015

I was back to school for a week then came home for a fun Christmas party right before finals! Love me some Jennifer Scrivner (my pastor's wife)! It was a girls movie night in PJs! 

Then finals face said joyful my insides screamed kill me! 

A week and a half later I was peacing it out of CSTAT and was headed home for break! My face says it all. #purejoy

Come back tomorrow for my spring semester in Aggieland! :)


  1. serena and blair from gilmore girls??

  2. but i do love the post :)


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