Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Year in Aggieland: Semester 2

Today I'm sharing sweet pics and memories from my 2nd semester in Aggieland! If you missed my post yesterday, click here.

I kicked off the semester moving in with my grandparents--Delaney and Peyton were so sweet and helped me move all my stuff!

Within a few days of me living with the grandparentals I had to snap a polaroid! This semester with them is one I'll never forget. :)

As soon as the semester started I had my first swim class (I questioned that decision from the beginning), you can see the enthusiasm on my face. I was not happy. lol but I made it through with an A! Thank God!!

I ordered my first pair of New Balance's. If you need a cute pair the 620's are great and if you order them in grey off Amazon they are a really great price!

 That week Pey and I went to an A & M swim meet! It was an experience but very fun!

I then had great success with my first blowout! #YAY

The spring is prime hockey season so I went home for a big game weekend! 

While I was home, Sarah and I got Lush face mask's. #thebomb

Taya Kyle came to the University which was AMAZING and deserves a whole post! If you missed that, click here.

Next was the amazing SB2k16 in Galveston! It was an unforgettable week with my sweet, dear friends! That trip recap is here.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a huge hit of the semester! Get it on DVD!

Easter was amazing as always! I am now one of the shortest in the family! Crazy right?!

Then Sadie Ann made her appearance the day after Easter. She is absolutely beautiful and gets cuter by the second.

I was loving my hair and couldn't resist a good ole selfie!

We celebrated the lovely Sarah Hamilton at her bridal high tea! Big hats and pretty dresses, what more could we ask for?!

The same weekend, this amazing guy moved to TX!!!

I was on a "take outfit pics" this semester! I hope to keep that going!

The first weekend in April Delaney got her Aggie ring! She's at 90 hours and 3/4 of the way to graduating!!! Go girl!

Then I had the honor of meeting this little cutie, GG. Her mom is the blogger of momfessionals. She is the cutest little thing and I can't stand it!

It was then Wicked weekend! See that fun night in Dallas here.

Then it was bach weekend in ATX!!!

And that's a wrap friends! Wow! I made it. Thank you Lord! Summer here I come (or summer school I should say)!

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