Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pilates Life

So I've picked up a new hobby, pilates! For those who haven't ever done pilates it's such an amazing, yet relaxing workout! I started with my gal pals at the beginning of the semester and it's been such a great outlet for me to release stress and strengthen my body. It works your whole body but more specifically your core. Below are some of the great workout positions and relaxing positions (aka child's pose).

This is called single leg stretch-- the ball is supposed touch your knee (which I have a little gap and shouldn't, whoops). But this really works your core. As you extend your leg do two quick breaths in then switch legs and do two quick breaths out. That's considered 1. ;) It's hard. The lower your leg is the more your core is worked. Do 10 reps if you're wanting a sufficient workout with this position.

This pose is by far my favorite it stretches your back and just feels amazing. If you need to take 10 minutes for yourself sit on the back of your legs and stretch your arms out, your back will be in a comfortable stretch and your body will just be in its happy place.

The swimming stretch kills, not going to lie. It's by far the worst. Start by lying flat on the ground with your head down, lift your arms and legs and begin to move in a swimming like motion. (If it hurts you're doing it right. lol) This works your back and core because you have to keep your body balanced.

These are a few of positions from Pilates that I either love or hate (because they hurt and are hard, which isn't bad). I hope you feel inspired to find a local studio and pick up this hobby. ;) 

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