Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List!

Drum roll please.... my vacation spot for this year is Cancun Mexico!!! HOLA! Here is where we are staying. I am over the moon! The trip can't come fast enough!

On another note, I decided to create a bucket list of all I'd like to accomplish this summer. I created mine through Pic Monkey and had way too much fun doing it. This whole format is forcing me to accomplish most (if not all) of it this summer. I plan to print it out and have it on my night stand or bathroom mirror to check off the list. I am making a commitment to you all to document each thing I accomplish and share it on the blog. (accountability, it's great right? ;))

My challenge to you, to give your summer some fun purpose to it, not just work, or maybe work purpose. That all depends on your situation. Create a bucket list or list of things you want to accomplish over the summer. If you're like me, creating a pretty list is the most fun and it forces you to actually accomplish it. So with that being said....

If you're confused as to why I have so many pineapples on my list,
 go see this post about my newest obsession.

I tried to make the list realistic but also add something I actually have to be intentional about, like finding a concert to go to. ;) (if you have suggestions, please comment on who you think I should see.) Everything on the list I plan to realistically accomplish and I'm super excited about it! With that, CHEERS TO SUMMER 2016!!!!!

Share something you're going to put on your bucket list in the comments! 


  1. Excited about your link-up party! Keep me posted!

    1. Me too, Holly! Don't know if you saw my post but my first one is Thursday! Come join me!


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