Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap: After Finals Edition

My first weekend without any school....say it ain't so??! WHAT IS LIFE?

I'm resting and trying to come off the "high" that finals puts you in. It's a very difficult feeling to describe but trust me when I say it's hard to come off of and I almost feel gloomy. The go go go feeling is suddenly gone and you have nothing to do with your time. It's odd.. very odd. But regardless this weekend was fun and a nice ease into summer life!

Friday I spent the day with some friends running errands and relaxing. Unfortunately my picture mind blanked. So sorry! The only picture I took was me being silly on Snapchat with this Kentucky Derby Hat. hehe

Saturday I slept in late and spent my morning in my pjs applying for jobs. That process is still in motion and I haven't had any luck yet. I'm hoping that comes together soon. Saturday afternoon I went through my entire closet and got rid of a trash bag full of things to take to Platos Closet. They only gave me $23 but it was $23 that I spent on some pieces I actually needed, not unnecessary tops.

We hit up Old Navy and they were having a fabulous sale!

Saturday evening Sarah and I went to take Sarah's bridal portraits. Sarah shot and I assisted! The pictures are breathtaking! I cannot wait for the wedding! I have an action shot but you'll have to wait two weeks to see the dress. ;) (Side note-- I am the official coordinator for Sarah's wedding!! She asked me a few weeks ago and I cannot wait!! For those that know me, this is a huge step in my career direction!! YIPPEE)

After being exhausted from the photo shoot, Sarah and I went to eat at our favorite little Mexican place--Fuzzy's! Cheap, yummy and quick. What's not to love?!

Sunday we celebrated my mom! Love her and so grateful for her presence is my life. We got a family pic at church with an adorable background. My family is too big to fit

Sunday afternoon I napped for an hour and after I woke up, I just couldn't help but admire my view. Love my place here in McKinney! I am really grateful I'm home for the summer. 

After my nap I was rocking the cargo pants and totally chill shirt so I thought a mirror selfie was necessary.

Sarah and I then watched some Gilmore Girls to gradually wake up from the "nap coma."

Then we did our mom's favorite thing and shopped! I actually didn't buy anything but I did try this romper on and thought it screamed BLOOMABILITY.  But I didn't like the way it looked on my legs so I passed but I couldn't help but share the photo. (sorry friends, lots of mirror selfies)

We finished the night up with Fuzzy's and relaxing. Tomorrow begins my first week school free! 

Blessings friends and Happy Mother's Day to all my mom readers!! 

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