Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Recap: Atlanta Edition

I spent my weekend in Atlanta celebrating a sweet friend and her high school graduation party (Sarah's younger sister actually). She is a dear friend of the family and so we trekked 12 hours to make it to Atlanta for the weekend. It was lots of driving but so worth the time with such sweet people.

We woke up at 3:30 on Friday and hit the road by 4. BRUTAL right?! We made it to Atlanta by 5. Overall not too bad but I was exhausted.

Car selfies are a must after a long car ride!

We spent the evening spending quality time with the Winsted family (Sarah's family) and friends. The next morning we were up early to set up for the graduation before the party started at 1!

But first, breakfast! We ate at the West Egg in Downtown Atlanta. Emily (Sarah's twin) and I hit up the adorable photo booth!

The food was fabulous!

After breakfast selfie!

After setting up the huge room with maps, hot air balloons, and fake clouds, the traveler theme was set and ready. We were ready to start the celebration!

There was tons of food and it was wonderful! 

Selfie with my mama during the party!

The grad!

Sarah's dad and siblings!

All the sisters!

My sister from another mister!

After the graduation, it was evening and time to get dinner. We ate a place called Zapata's. My mom and I split a Mexican bowl type dish (I don't know the correct term for it so I apologize). It was a shrimp cheese dish with rice, beans, and mushrooms. SO GOOD.

Sunday was church then an afternoon lunch with all of the family and very close friends. I snapped a selfie with the grad on the way!

And had a little too much fun on Snapchat...

Before I knew it Sunday was over and it was 5 am on Monday. We hit the road and made it back around 5:30. We grilled with our neighbors for Memorial Day and enjoyed an evening in the hot tub. It was the perfect end to a great weekend!

Silly side note:

I Face Timed Zach yesterday and had to snap a pic of his facial hair after growing it out for 4 days. Now this may not be a lot to you BUT he has to shave every day because of the Air Force so for me it was totally weird seeing that. I thought he looked adorable, it was too cute not to share!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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